What Different Forklift Types Can Benefit From ELOKON?

ELOKON Solutions for Electric Forklifts and Forklifts With Propane Tanks


ELOKON solutions can work for a range of forklift types, including electric forklifts and forklifts with propane tanks. Different types of forklifts have different operational requirements such as power supply, but our solutions work for a number of different forklift types, as well as mixed fleets. We at ELOKON will oversee each step, from consultation to installation and commissioning, so we can ensure that your safety solutions solve the safety challenges of your company. While there are many types of forklifts, like electric forklifts and forklifts with propane tanks, any kind of forklift can benefit from ELOKON solutions. Here are a few of the most common forklift types that can benefit from our solutions portfolio - as long as we can install the system successfully onto your vehicles. We’ll also work with your OEMs on your behalf to install our solutions as seamlessly as possible.

Pallet Jacks Forklifts
Pallet jacks are small and can carry lighter cargo throughout smaller areas of the work floor. These forklifts can be manually driven by an employee or can be battery-powered. Battery-powered pallet jacks can benefit from a number of our safety and assistance systems.

Counterbalance Forklifts
These types of forklifts counterbalance their high cargo weights in the front of the vehicle with weights in the back of the vehicle. Counterbalancing forklifts don’t have extending arms because their primary function is to carry and move heavier cargo.

Side Loader Forklifts
Operators stand on the side of this type of forklift, rather than in the middle driver’s seat. Side loader forklifts can lift and unload cargo on the side of the vehicle, compared to the front loading of traditional forklifts, like counterbalance forklifts. Side loader forklifts work well for narrower areas of the work floor and can carry long objects like plywood planks.

Rough Terrain Forklifts
Rough terrain forklifts work best for outside work sites, especially those with unpaved, gravel, or dirt grounds. Rough terrain forklifts are usually more sturdy than other types of forklifts, especially indoor forklift models. They can tread smoothly over uneven ground and also carry bigger and heavier loads to prevent overbalancing.

Telescopic Handler Forklifts
Telescopic handler forklifts are built to reach cargo at greater heights. These forklifts are versatile because they fit pallet forks for forklift functions as well as operator buckets and more at the end of the arm.

Reach Forklifts
Reach forklifts are similar to counterbalance forklifts, but have the added feature of a movable fork. Operators can move the forks of reach forklifts up and down so they can reach shelves and storage areas of different heights.

Industrial Forklifts
The last of the common forklift types we’ll review are industrial forklifts. Industrial forklifts are typically bigger than other forklifts and have an arm that extends like telescopic handler forklifts. Because of these features, industrial forklifts are best suited for reaching higher spaces and carrying heavier cargo.

These are just some of the most common forklift types that can benefit from our selection of safety and assistance systems. We’ll work with your OEM to ensure that the installation process of your safety system goes smoothly once we’ve confirmed that we can install the system on your company’s forklift and fleet models. At ELOKON, our solutions are compatible with most major types of forklifts. Next, we’ll highlight some features of ELOfleet, our fleet management system.

Measuring Forklift Battery Assets and More With ELOfleet

Electric forklifts and forklifts with propane tanks have different demands, advantages, and disadvantages. Whether your forklifts are gas-powered or have a forklift battery, ELOKON solutions can work with a range of forklift models, including those with different power sources. Knowing when to fill up the gas tank or how to take care of a forklift battery is an important part of managing your fleet, but there are so many other maintenance and operational logistics to keep track of. At ELOKON, we’ve developed ELOfleet to help authorize drivers, manage maintenance status, track KPIs, and more.

A Closer Look Into ELOfleet

Forklift fleets need more than their forklift battery assets to be monitored for optimal functioning. Completing pre-ops checklists, gaining vehicle access control with company ID, and obtaining performance analytics are all features of ELOfleet. ELOfleet is a cloud-based fleet management system that your team can access via smartphone app or web-based browser for work floor convenience. ELOfleet can work with mixed fleets and fleets across different sites. In conjunction with our other safety and assistance systems like ELOshield, ELOprotect, and ELOspeed, your company can implement a comprehensive safety ecosystem within your industrial working environment. ELOKON solutions secure your work floor, workforce, and forklift fleet for a significant increase in safety and productivity.

Securing Your Fleet and Workforce With ELOKON

At ELOKON, we’ve developed effective safety and assistance systems to improve safety in industrial working environments. Our solutions portfolio has provided thousands of clients worldwide with powerful safety measures to safeguard their fleets and workforces. At ELOKON, we believe using advanced technology systems for increased safety increases workplace productivity and fleet reliability. Contact us today to find out which of our solutions at ELOKON can protect your fleet and workforce.

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