Top Safety Concerns in an Industrial Warehouse

Top Safety Concerns in an Industrial Warehouse

Warehouse work is hard work. It’s also physically dangerous work. To keep employees in your warehouse safe, it’s essential to be aware of the top safety concerns in an industrial warehouse. As an employer, you must know about safety topics, safety tips, and legal safety regulations such as OSHA standards. We at ELOKON are here to recommend a few warehouse safety topics and the latest innovative technology available to keep your employees and warehouse safe. In this article, we’ll review the top safety concerns in an industrial warehouse, OSHA standards, and safety tips.

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Warehouse Safety Topics

Considering top safety concerns in an industrial warehouse is of the utmost importance for a warehouse workplace. When ensuring the safety of your warehouse, you want to review warehouse safety topics with your team. These safety topics range widely. However, there are some common topics, such as personal protective equipment, forklift safety, and following legal safety regulations. Discussing warehouse safety and adhering to legal safety regulations keeps your employees and warehouse safe and prevents workplace accidents.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Personal protective equipment, or PPE, protects from workplace hazards. It’s important to know which PPE is required for your warehouse, so your employees can dress for safety. Depending on the workplace setting, PPE may include hard hats, gloves, and coveralls.

Forklift Safety

Forklifts can be dangerous pieces of equipment when operated incorrectly. Staying current on forklift safety and training your employees on how to operate a forklift best can prevent devastating accidents. At ELOKON, we implement the latest sensory technology in our products to make operating forklifts in a warehouse safer.

Legal Regulations

As a warehouse employer, you and your team must follow legal safety regulations, such as OSHA warehouse regulations and standards. These guidelines were created to keep your employees and warehouse safe and prevent or mitigate workplace hazards.

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OSHA Warehouse Regulations

OSHA standards require that warehouse employers keep their employees safe from serious harm. An employer can earn a citation if serious hazards are present in the workplace or if the employer doesn’t take steps to alleviate the hazard. Both employers and employees must be familiar with OSHA warehouse regulations and standards. It’s the employer’s job to enact OSHA standards to keep the workplace as safe as possible. On the other hand, employees must be familiar with these regulations to look out for potential workplace hazards. At ELOKON, we believe in maintaining a safe warehouse workplace environment and make this possible with our OSHA pre-ops checklists.

ELOfleet OSHA Pre-ops Checklists

OSHA standards require the use of daily safety pre-operational checklists. Checklists allow employees to inspect their workplace and any equipment they may handle. They ensure that truck operators are ready to operate their machinery. Operators can get accustomed to and tired of the pre-operational checklist questions, which can endanger them, other employees, and the warehouse. At ELOKON, we offer ELOfleet customizable OSHA pre-operational checklists that change the order of questions with every use of equipment. This ensures that the equipment operators are alert and can answer each question without memorizing the order of the answers. Our innovative technology keeps the operator, other employees, and the warehouse safe. One of the top safety concerns in an industrial warehouse is employees curbing safety features— our ELOfleet OSHA pre-operational checklists prevent this.

Importance of Following Regulations

Discussing warehouse safety topics and OSHA warehouse regulations helps address the top concerns in an industrial warehouse. Adhering to OSHA regulations is legally required, and it’s essential to follow these regulations and keep up with professional warehouse safety tips.

Warehouse Safety Tips

Besides reviewing warehouse safety topics and OSHA warehouse regulations with your warehouse team, you can also look for other warehouse safety tips recommended by professionals. At ELOKON, we recommend referring back to regulations and guidelines often and implementing the latest safety technology in your warehouse. Employees need to remember safety information after annual or biannual safety meetings. Safety technology evolves fast.

Refer Back to Regulations and Guidelines

Once your team is familiar with the top safety concerns in an industrial workplace, it is helpful to encourage them to refer back to regulations and guidelines to keep the warehouse safety tips in mind. It’s also helpful to hold refresher meetings to ensure your employees review essential regulations and guidelines that keep them safe. Although it might be mandated that safety meetings are held every year or after multiple years, holding these meetings more often is more effective in keeping your employees safe. Frequent meetings are also helpful for reviewing the latest safety technology and any recent changes to safety regulations.

Implement the Latest Safety Tech

To ensure your warehouse is the safest, we recommend using the latest safety technology to avoid collisions and other speed-related accidents. Following warehouse safety tips and OSHA regulations addresses only some of the top safety concerns of an industrial warehouse. Implementing the latest safety tech is one of our warehouse safety tips that is worth the investment. At ELOKON, our automated forklift safety and fleet management systems modernize how your warehouse protects workers.

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Creating a Safer Workplace With ELOKON

With ELOKON’s forklift truck driver-assurance systems, your warehouse can be safer than ever. Our products utilize automotive sensor technology to keep forklift operators and floor employees safe and prevent industrial workplace accidents. At ELOKON, we have several solutions, such as our radar-based speed control devices, pedestrian safety devices, proximity detection/anti-collision systems, fixed-position warning systems for high-traffic areas, and integrated fleet management systems. Contact us today so we can find the right solutions for your warehouse and ensure workplace safety.

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