The Future of Material Handling in Logistics: Industry 4.0 and ELOKON's Innovations

The Future of Material Handling in Logistics: Industry 4.0 and ELOKON's Innovations

In today’s fast-paced economy, the future of material handling in logistics isn’t free from total revolution. Recent developments in smart technology have facilitated the improvement of safety and operations in intralogistics. These technological developments have been so monumental that experts are referring to this time in history as “Industry 4.0.” It sounds very exciting, but what exactly is Industry 4.0?

Here, we’ll explore what Industry 4.0 is and what it means for material handling news. We’ll also look at real examples of ELOKON innovations where this smart technology is integrated into warehouses and distribution centers worldwide. Technology in material handling in logistics is going through an overhaul. This will greatly benefit companies in the intralogistics sector in terms of operational costs, centralized operations, and team safety and communication.

Material Handling News and Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 refers to the fourth industrial revolution, where smart technology is built into operations. Industry 4.0 is shaking material handling news, because this iteration of the industrial revolution is here and transforming the way the intralogistics sector manages MHE fleets and operations. Industry 4.0 is bringing significant benefits to intralogistics, such as reduced operating costs and optimized workflows. Let’s take a closer look at Industry 4.0 and what it means for material handling in logistics.

What Makes Industry 4.0 Powerful

Industry 4.0 isn’t one technology or based on any one specific technology or software. What makes Industry 4.0 powerful is that it combines different types of technology, including big data, AI analytics, and cloud computing. The gathering and accessibility of important data are currently transforming the way companies manage their intralogistics teams and equipment, and ELOKON is right at the forefront of this innovation. Real-time analytics is a huge driver behind the success of ELOKON’s safety and assistance systems, all made possible with big data and cloud computing. Industry 4.0 is a more recent development in material handling news and theory, but ELOKON has quickly made it possible to integrate these systems to transform intralogistics workplaces. So, what does the future hold for the material handling industry and safety, considering the breakthrough of Industry 4.0?

Material Handling Industry and Safety: ELOKON Solutions

There was a time when the steam engine was the latest and greatest invention. Of course, the first industrial revolution kicked off major innovation and technological advancements in the 1800s. Electricity and automation eventually followed, and now we’re experiencing another major industrial advancement with Industry 4.0. Today, the material handling industry can use a combination of technologies to streamline operations and make the day-to-day much simpler. Industry 4.0 is changing the way companies can manage and monitor the safety of their workforce and MHE fleets by gathering vital data. Fleet management and safety systems are critical to streamlining fleet operations and workflows, and Industry 4.0 makes these systems much more efficient. Let’s now take a look at ELOKON’s innovations, inspired by Industry 4.0 technology.


ELOfleet is ELOKON’s smart cloud-based forklift fleet management system for the material handling industry. ELOfleet provides access control, impact recording, productivity evaluation, and much more for forklift fleets and operators. These key features ensure that authorized drivers are able to operate the forklifts and that teams can follow maintenance schedules, ultimately making the whole workplace safer. The web-based dashboard provides KPIs from gathered fleet data to improve operational safety and promote team productivity.


ELOshield is ELOKON’s proximity detection system that reduces the risk of accidents in high-risk or high-traffic zones. ELOshield is a UWB-based protection system that monitors a protection and warning zone around the pedestrian, vehicle, or warehouse zone equipped with the system. The ELOshield line includes ELOshieldGO (vehicle to pedestrian protection), ELOshieldDRIVE (vehicle to vehicle protection), ELOshieldZONE (zoning protection), and ELOshieldSPEED (zoning speed adaptation). When a pedestrian or vehicle enters the warning zone of the system, ELOshield will sound an alarm and reduce the speed of the vehicle. When a pedestrian or vehicle enters the protection zone, ELOshield can stop the vehicle in order to prevent collisions.


Forklifts often go between indoor and outdoor workspaces, and drivers can operate them at higher speeds outside. However, transitioning between the indoor and outdoor space can pose collision risks if the drivers don’t reduce their speed. ELOspeed is ELOKON’s solution for indoor/outdoor speed control. ELOspeed has a configurable radar detection range for overhead superstructures, like warehouse roofs, and reduces the forklift speed upon detection.

ELOprotect and ELOprotect ACS

ELOprotect and ELOprotect ACS prevent collisions in very narrow aisles (VNA). Both systems use intelligent laser technology to detect pedestrians, vehicles, and other objects in the VNAs and the ELOprotect system can stop or reduce the speed of the vehicle that has ELOprotect equipped. ELOprotect ACS has a wider protection zone to prevent collisions between vehicles in VNAs, safeguarding material handling in logistics.  


Lastly, ELOassist is a laser-controlled VNA driver warning system. When the driver’s cab is raised, it becomes exceedingly difficult to identify pedestrians, other vehicles, and objects in the VNAs. ELOassist uses laser technology to detect pedestrians, vehicles, and objects to prevent collisions. The ELOassist system sounds a warning signal and has the ability to reduce the speed of the vehicle. VNAs are areas of warehouses and distribution centers that have very low visibility, and ELOprotect, ELOprotect ACS, and ELOassist make material handling in logistics safer.

Stay Ahead in Safety with ELOKON

At ELOKON, we develop innovative safety and assistance systems to safeguard the intralogistics sector worldwide. A leading company in machinery safety, ELOKON designs assistance systems with the needs of warehouses and distribution centers in mind. Our team successfully provides safety systems to 4,250 clients in over 40 countries by focusing on how to best safeguard each of our clients’ workforces. Contact ELOKON today to get started ensuring the safety of your employees and workplace.

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