Support Your Forklift Operators With Advanced Safety Features

Support Your Forklift Operators With Advanced Safety Features

An approach to your industrial workspaces that effectively and consistently puts safety first is essential. Your company’s valuable forklift operators play a vital role in the productivity, quality, and success of your business. Not only does enabling and supporting maintained forklift and other safety for your forklift operators and other employees support and promote productivity, quality, and consistency for your business, it can impact success in several ways. Promoted and maintained forklift safety has the potential to either impactfully benefit or negatively affect your valuable business. With promoted and maintained forklift safety, you can enjoy increased employee and client retention and satisfaction, a positive business reputation, a decreased number and frequency of injuries and other incidents, increased insurance rates and liability claims, equipment and employee downtime, and more.

In this article, we’ll discuss how you can better support your forklift operators with advanced safety features and forklift safety equipment from Elokon. We remain a leader in the industry for cloud-based fleet management, innovative and intelligent safety and assistance systems for forklift trucks and their operators, and consultation and support for industrial businesses to always be at their best, continually increasing and promoting safety initiatives and equipment for impactful, lasting success.

Risks for Forklift Operators

Suppose you, your forklift operators, and other employees put safety at the front and center of your business model and daily activities. In that case, you can experience greater, quicker, and longer-lasting success to reward your time, effort, and budget. You can also avoid the unnecessary occurrence and frequency of injuries and incidents, equipment failures and inefficiencies, and employee and equipment downtime. Each of these aspects has the potential to significantly affect your productivity, quality, consistency, and revenue immediately and residually in the long term. Your valuable business and employees deserve the very best, especially when it comes to safety, security, and support. In addition to the benefits of safety and otherwise negative impacts of a lack of consistent safety, you can also help your business avoid potential OSHA penalties and fines. Safety is essential to protect your employees, equipment, building, and interests and show them due value.

Forklifts, their forklift accessories, and forklift tools can pose several risks to forklift operators and surrounding employees on the premises of your industrial facility. Working with a forklift as an operator is consistently vigorous work. To properly and safely operate a company forklift, a given forklift operator must first obtain certification and understand OSHA forklift training and safety requirements. If they were to get behind the wheel of a forklift without this necessary certification, high understanding, and proper training, the employee, equipment, and business would be susceptible to several negative consequences, including injuries, accidents, and other workplace catastrophes. Top forklift hazards include blind spots, improper use, unsecured loads, docks and ramps, improper maintenance, fueling, pedestrians, speed, attachment hazards, seatbelts and tethers, overhead obstructions, and floor conditions.

Forklift Safety Equipment From ELOKON

Suppose your business involves regular forklift use for manipulating heavy materials and products. In that case, you must have a meaningful and consistently updated understanding of the current workplace hazards and risks for forklift operators. Employers should always take the time to complete a forklift hazard risk assessment before letting a forklift operator use one of these valuable and mighty machines. Forklift operation safety remains imperative for the well-being of everyone. Once you understand the benefits of increased and maintained forklift safety, you can more effectively make decisions and take action to establish and continue enjoying a high level of safety in your workplace. Elokon has several advanced safety features to support your forklift operators, forklift accessories, and forklift tools from unnecessary injury, damage, and downtime.

In addition to proper forklift operator education and training, your team and business deserve the best safety equipment available for protection and support. Some of the top solutions with advanced safety features to protect and support your forklift operators, forklift accessories, and forklift tools include ELOprotect, ELOshieldDRIVE, ELOshieldGO, ELOspeed, ELOshieldZONE, and ELOshieldSPEED.


This mobile personnel protection safety system automatically operates to protect area employees when operators use industrial trucks such as forklifts in narrow aisles and other high-risk areas. ELOprotect is a laser scanner anti-collision system that’s self-actuating.


A transmitting and receiving module attaches to each forklift truck to detect individual modules and other forklift trucks. The forklift trucks emit visual and acoustic warnings. You can also set the vehicles to brake to walking speed.


A reception and read module installs on a given forklift truck as a personnel detection system. This system can then transmit a radio signal, received by person modules and reflected when it detects a certain close distance between a person in the danger zone and the forklift truck.


You can install several ELOshield modules above aisle entrances and gates to reflect the radio signals of any approaching forklifts for reliable proximity detection. When forklifts come too close to a crossing area, they brake, and the operator receives a visual or acoustic signal.


Any forklift entering defined danger zones can automatically brake or reduce speed to a specified speed. They can then resume previous speeds when exiting one of these zones.


You can enjoy automatic speed reduction with ELOspeed as a radar-based driver assistance system to avoid risks presented by the transition between indoor and outdoor work areas. This system automatically slows forklifts down to a specific speed when inside.

Support Your Forklift Operators With ELOKON

When looking for the best forklift safety equipment, training, maintenance, and support, choose Elokon. As an industry leader, our team has vast experience achieving lasting results to reward your time, effort, and budget. Connect with us today to find the right solutions for you.

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