Scaling Up Safely: How ELOKON Supports Forklift Fleet Expansion and Growth

Scaling Up Safely: How ELOKON Supports Forklift Fleet Expansion and Growth


Determining that it's time to scale up your company’s forklift fleet is exciting! Your team will be able to handle new business ventures, higher product volumes, and an increased operational demand. Of course, your company needs to plan for a successful forklift fleet expansion. But, what does that look like?

Expanding your forklift fleet goes beyond acquiring additional forklifts for your working sites. With more forklifts in the fleet, there are many more safety logistics to consider. Also, your team will have to manage the existing vehicles in addition to the new ones. Managing fleets, especially across sites, can be difficult even before acquiring additional forklifts. How do companies in the intralogistics sector successfully manage expanded forklift fleets?

The answer is simply using the right forklift fleet management and safety software, which safeguards employees and fleets. The right software for your company will allow your team to oversee fleet logistics and KPIs that are critical for smooth operations. Before we dive into which software can help your team scale up safely, let’s explore the importance of forklift fleet management.

Importance of Forklift Fleet Management

The importance of forklift fleet management can’t be overlooked when scaling up your forklift fleet. Fleet management is particularly critical when your company acquires additional vehicles and streamlines entire warehouse operations. Safety, maintenance, organization, and centralizing effort and data are vital aspects of fleet management that facilitate successful fleet expansion. Let’s take a look at each and how they transform intralogistics operations.

Safety and Maintenance

In addition to following forklift best practices, safety should be the top priority of any forklift fleet management plan. This includes permitting authorized drivers to operate the vehicles, managing maintenance schedules, and implementing safety measures around the intralogistics workplace. Forklift fleet expansion complicates all of these facets, which makes finding good forklift fleet management software more important than ever. The right safety and assistance system for your company will include pre-operational checklists for authorized drivers to complete. It will also make maintenance schedules and collision prevention simple, even though managing a large fleet is complex. When safety and maintenance aren’t prioritized, forklifts can fall into disrepair, increasing the chances of collisions and other forklift-related accidents. It’s even more difficult to manage an expanded forklift fleet, which is why high-volume workforces need safety software that is up to the challenge.


With forklift fleet expansion, organizing and monitoring fleet statuses is crucial to ensure the vehicles are operating as they should. Organization in fleet management can also include tracking real-time positions of individual vehicles. When companies undergo forklift fleet expansion, tracking the real-time status and position of each vehicle can be challenging without the right fleet management software. Fleet management software facilitates this organization. Ensuring that each vehicle is accounted for keeps warehouse workforces safe and allows the whole team to reach goals.  

Centralize Effort and Data

In addition to safety, maintenance, and organization, intralogistics teams need to centralize effort and data when undergoing forklift fleet expansion. Centralizing effort and data streamlines safety, maintenance, and organization, as long as a company is relying on efficient tools. Keeping track of KPIs can allow a team to improve the fleet as a whole, which is especially helpful when a company acquires more vehicles. Centralizing efforts with easily accessible data streamlines communication as well, facilitating smoother operations. Readily accessible fleet stats can transform the way intralogistics teams manage forklift fleets.

Safety, maintenance, organization, and centralizing effort and data are all critical aspects of an effective forklift fleet management plan. However, with an expanded fleet, how can companies successfully manage hundreds, or even thousands, of vehicles? Let’s look at how ELOKON supports forklift fleet expansion and growth.

ELOKON Solutions for Forklift Fleet Expansion

An intralogistics work environment can only be as safe and productive as its ability to manage its forklift fleets. Forklift fleet expansion requires software solutions to ensure the successful integration of the additional vehicles. Your team will thank you for it! At ELOKON, we design our safety and assistance systems with the prospect of scaling up in mind. This way, companies in the intralogistics sector can easily add vehicles to their fleet as needed, without much disruption of usual operations. Let’s take a look at our ELOKON solution for scaling up — ELOfleet.


ELOfleet is our cloud-based solution for efficient forklift fleet management, even across different sites. ELOfleet facilitates access control, impact recording, and productivity evaluation for forklift fleets in order to maximize fleet operations. ELOfleet is highly customizable, allowing teams to configure settings to best fit their unique workflows. For example, forklift drivers are able to operate the vehicle with company ID via RFID or with employee sign-on to ensure that only authorized drivers can operate the vehicle. If a vehicle needs to be taken out of service for maintenance, the team can wirelessly activate a lockout for safety. The web-based dashboard provides valuable fleet KPIs and insights so your team can monitor what works and what doesn’t. Key figures include operational times of vehicles, idling, impact recording, and log-in information. ELOfleet makes managing large fleets simple and centralized.

Fleet Management Made Safe with ELOKON

At ELOKON, we develop safety and assistance systems specifically designed for the intralogistics sector. We make fleet management simple and facilitate fleet management across different sites so your team can expand your fleets safely. With leading fleet management technology, your company can centralize MHE productivity. Contact us today to implement ELOKON safety and assistance systems to safeguard and expand your fleet.

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