Making Forklift Fleet Management Easier with Smartphone Connectivity

Making Forklift Fleet Management Easier with Smartphone Connectivity


Warehouse safety often involves forklift fleet management systems that can monitor the status of the fleet. Knowing if vehicles require maintenance and managing authorized vehicle operators is extremely helpful when managing warehouse vehicle fleets. Some forklift fleet management systems are built into warehouse networks, while others might require the use of warehouse tablets to manage the fleet. However, it’s possible to streamline fleet management with ELOfleet Sprint and ELOfleet Smart from ELOKON – simple yet effective mobile applications for smartphones.

At ELOKON, we’ve designed ELOfleet Sprint and ELOfleet Smart to provide warehouses with a smartphone-enabled warehouse vehicle fleet management system as part of our solution portfolio. ELOfleet Smart has all the capabilities that ELOfleet Sprint has and much more. In this post, we’ll go through some of the most important features that the ELOfleet solutions have to streamline fleet management and driver safety. We’ll review how to use ELOfleet as an industrial forklift fleet management system as well as its necessary forklift attachments and forklift accessories.

Industrial Forklift Fleet Management System App

Industrial forklift fleet management is a critical part of warehousing. Monitoring the status of fleet, maintenance checks, and driver statuses is important in ensuring that your fleet is good to go and can increase warehouse productivity. At ELOKON, we’ve simplified the process of managing industrial forklift fleets by developing ELOfleet Sprint and ELOfleet Smart, smartphone app-based fleet management systems.

Fleet Authorization

Our app-based ELOfleet grants authorized drivers access to warehouse vehicles by logging into the application using their company ID over RFID. Only forklift-certified persons can operate forklifts, and ID logins ensure that only authorized personnel can operate the vehicles. There is also the option of PIN-based access control and anonymous operation without assigning drivers to specific vehicles with ELOfleet Smart. In ELOfleet, there are three levels of authorization that your organization can configure: driver, operations and/or area manager, and work area personnel.

Operating Fleets with ELOfleet

Governmental regulations require forklift drivers to complete pre-operation checklists. ELOfleet solutions prompt drivers to comply with and complete these statutory obligatory checklists. The ELOfleet system is configurable to meet your organization’s operational requirements. Our operational checklists can include open-answer questions and multiple-choice answers. Knowing governmental standards for forklift operations and completing the required safety modules increase worker safety.

Reviewing Fleet Analytics with ELOfleet Solutions

ELOfleet is a streamlined solution that allows authorized warehouse vehicle drivers to start up and operate their vehicles. The application records vehicle information and driver inputs so that your organization can access detailed fleet analytics and information.

The intuitive fleet analysis from ELOfleet is best viewed on our web-based software, where your organization can see fleet KPI data in daily, weekly, or monthly evaluations. Ten standard data reports are included with ELOfleet, which allows seamless analysis of fleets across multiple sites. This allows your organization to optimize fleet management across different working areas.

Benefits of ELOfleet

Besides being a simple yet effective way to manage industrial forklifts and warehouse vehicles, ELOfleet solutions have other benefits that make managing fleets easy. The app is a reliable access tool that your organization can customize so that only the authorized driver(s) are able to log into their app and resume operating their vehicle. Your organization can have access control of the app with company ID scans over RFID technology. ELOfleet solutions are compatible with all types of forklifts and a range of other material-handling warehouse vehicles through OEM systems. The app makes monitoring services and inspection schedules easy, since regularly maintaining your fleet keeps it running smoothly. ELOfleet Smart will record actual operating hours and can switch the vehicle off when it’s idle. In the event of a collision, the app can identify who was involved as well.

ELOfleet solutions have many features that increase driver safety, overall warehouse safety, productivity, and data accessibility. From multiple benefits and fleet applications, ELOfleet Sprint and ELOfleet Smart can transform the way any company manages its warehouse vehicle fleet. Next, let’s briefly review what forklift attachments and forklift accessories ELOfleet Sprint and ELOfleet Smart require to function.

ELOfleet: Forklift Attachments and Forklift Accessories

The two versions of ELOfleet, ELOfleet Sprint and ELOfleet Smart, require similar forklift attachments and accessories. However, ELOfleet Smart is the more comprehensive version and ELOfleet Sprint offers more centralized solutions. Both are powerful applications to manage warehouse fleets, and the choice between these versions depends on your business needs. However, they both require certain forklift attachments and forklift accessories to be operational and effective.

Of course, the ELOfleet solutions require the vehicle driver to have the smartphone app downloaded and logged in to start the pre-operation checklist. ELOfleet solutions record collisions through an MEMS sensor, allowing the system to categorize them depending on the severity. Based on the severity, there are subsequent actions that can be triggered, such as locking out the driver of the vehicle, completing a post-collision checklist, and/or activating creep speed.

Fleet management is responsible for a number of things – warehouse safety, avoiding collisions, preventing employee injury, and inventory management. With effective warehouse management, warehouses can excel everywhere else because the drivers can do their jobs. Warehouses are ecosystems, which means that everyone needs to be able to complete their tasks. Any disruption, like faulty fleet management and maintenance, can seriously affect the warehouse as a whole. Well-maintained and managed fleets prevent costly downtime and optimize the warehouse ecosystem. At ELOKON, we’ve created ELOfleet to fix the challenges that managing forklift fleets brings to the warehouse. ELOfleet Sprint and ELOfleet Smart are proven to simplify warehouse vehicle fleet management and provide insightful KPIs for fleets. Your company can rely on ELOKON solutions for exceptional results.

Manage Fleets Easier with ELOKON

At ELOKON, we’ve designed forklift fleet management with true warehouse logistics and forklift operator safety in mind. Our ELOfleet Sprint and ELOfleet Smart are more mobile app-centric than any other material-handling equipment management system in the world. At ELOKON, we believe in creating forklift fleet management systems that increase productivity and safety in the warehouse. Contact us today to explore our variety of warehouse management systems and see which ones can work for your company.

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