ELOKON's Forklift Fleet Monitoring Systems

ELOKON's Forklift Fleet Monitoring Systems


Intralogistics work environments can be hectic. Between narrow aisles, high-traffic areas, and a working floor with a mix of forklifts and pedestrian employees, these workplaces have inherent hazards that put both pedestrian employees and forklift operators at high risk. Without proper safety systems in place, forklift-related accidents and collisions can happen at any moment in the scramble of the warehouse or distribution center.

While there are minimum safety regulations depending on your country, such as forklift operational training and certification PPE requirements, companies can always take additional steps to safeguard their workforce, fleets, and products. Here, we’ll explore ELOKON’s forklift monitoring systems and how different solutions solve unique challenges in the intralogistics sector. We’ll review our solutions for forklift speed safety, forklift alert systems, and other forklift monitoring systems that keep intralogistics teams safe worldwide.

ELOKON Forklift Speed Safety

Although there aren’t any forklift speed maximums in the US, it’s important to control and monitor forklift speed to keep pedestrians and drivers safe in the workplace. However, the Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association recommends a max speed of 3mph in areas with high pedestrian traffic. In order to maintain safe speeds in the warehouse or distribution center, ELOKON developed forklift speed solutions to prevent speed-related accidents – ELOspeed and ELOshield.


ELOspeed is ELOKON’s radar-based driver-assistance system that controls the speed of a forklift as it travels between workspaces. ELOspeed is OEM independent and works through a radar-based sensor system that automatically reduces forklift speed. As a forklift speed safety system, ELOspeed’s radar sensor detects superstructures, like warehouse roofs, and slows down the vehicle when it senses such structures. While drivers may operate forklifts at higher speeds in outdoor intralogistics settings, ELOspeed reduces the speed of the vehicle when they enter indoor areas to prevent collisions. The sensor system is configurable so teams can customize the detection range to best suit their work environments.


ELOshield is ELOKON’s proximity detection system that decreases the risk of collisions in high-traffic areas. As one of our forklift alert systems, we’ve designed ELOshield to have configurable warning and protection zones to increase intralogistics safety. Operations and team leaders can implement a combination of ELOshield iterations, including ELOshieldGO (Vehicle to Pedestrian Safety), ELOshieldDRIVE (Vehicle to Vehicle Safety), ELOshieldZONE (Zoning Proximity Detection), and ELOshieldSPEED (Zoning Speed Adaptation). Upon proximity or zone detection, the ELOshield system will bring the vehicle to walking speed in order to prevent collisions.

ELOKON Forklift Alert Systems

In addition to ELOspeed and ELOshield - our forklift speed safety systems - ELOKON has a diverse portfolio of solutions for forklift alert systems. This includes forklift certification and following forklift safety tips, which provide an extra layer of safety to the warehouse. Our forklift monitoring systems also include ELOprotect, ELOprotect ACS, and ELOassist – each of which safeguards different aspects of a warehouse and distribution center environment. These solutions also regulate vehicle speed after detecting pedestrians, other vehicles, and objects within proximity.  


ELOprotect is a self-actuating laser scanner that prevents collisions in very narrow aisles (VNA). When the scanner detects pedestrians, vehicles, or other objects in the narrow aisle, the ELOprotect system will sound an alarm and either stop or reduce the speed of the vehicle fitted with the scanner.

ELOprotect ACS

Like ELOprotect, ELOprotect ACS (Anti Collision System) prevents collisions in very narrow aisles. However, ELOprotect ACS autonomously prevents VNA vehicles from colliding with each other. ELOprotect ACS utilizes laser technology to detect nearby vehicles and can reduce their speed or stop them entirely.


ELOassist is ELOKON’s Mobile Warning System, which helps prevent collisions between forklifts and objects in very narrow aisles, especially in VNAs where drivers are operating forklifts with raised cabs. Just like ELOprotect and ELOprotect ACS, ELOassist uses laser technology to sense other vehicles and objects that could cause collisions. ELOassist is a cost-effective assistance and forklift alert system designed specifically for VNA environments.

Forklift speed and alert systems help keep intralogistics workplaces safe from forklift-related accidents. However, ELOKON offers one more forklift monitoring system – ELOfleet.

Forklift Monitoring Systems

Forklift monitoring systems are also critical for effective forklift fleet management. Forklift fleet management software can provide valuable KPIs and insights into fleet operations, allowing teams to manage maintenance and improve workflows.


ELOfleet transforms the way intralogistics teams manage mixed fleets across sites. ELOfleet is ELOKON’s cloud-based fleet management system that offers valuable KPIs and features, such as operator sign-in, impact recording, and productivity data. ELOfleet streamlines team communication by making fleet information accessible, which is critical for improving fleet operations. The web-based dashboard displays fleet data and KPIs, facilitating team effort and fleet management. ELOfleet can be installed on any kind of forklift and work with mixed fleets. ELOfleet is an efficient forklift monitoring system for fleet management that keeps your workforce secure and intralogistics workplace safe.

Manage and Monitor Forklift Fleets with ELOKON

At ELOKON, we develop powerful software for simple and straightforward forklift fleet management and monitoring. Our priority is making the intralogistics industry safe from forklift-related collisions, where basic safety requirements aren’t enough. With the latest technology in safety and assistance systems, we’ve safeguarded over 4,250 workplaces worldwide. Contact our team at ELOKON to implement effective safety solutions to protect your workforce and fleet.

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