Decreasing Hazards With Electric Forklifts

Decreasing Hazards with Electric Forklifts

Suppose you have a loud environment and other common workplace hazards at your industrial facility. In that case, it’s time to look at new methods of increasing your daily workplace safety. A loud work environment and more of the top industrial hazards pose several health and safety risks to employees. Workplace safety is of the utmost importance and a top priority for employers. Forklifts significantly contribute to industrial noise levels. In response to the presence and prevalence of industrial noise in warehouses and other industrial workspaces, companies are increasingly looking for new ways to combat, decrease, and otherwise negate high industrial noise. One popular new method of combatting high industrial noise is electric forklifts.

Not only can high-quality, reliable electric forklifts and other developing technologies and advancements help you avoid common industrial safety hazards in your workspaces, but they also have several impactful benefits for your time and budget value and ultimate business success. Increased industrial safety initiatives, equipment, training, and consistent awareness can be highly beneficial and effective, just as inversely, a consistent lack of these things can profoundly contribute to several serious consequences. In this article, we’ll discuss how you can begin decreasing hazards with electric forklifts, electric motor forklifts, battery powered forklifts, and safety solutions from ELOKON, a top industrial leader in advanced safety technologies.

How Can You Begin Decreasing Hazards With Electric Forklifts?

Forklifts enable employees to perform their range of regular tasks more efficiently and effectively and ultimately help supply products on a global scale. Manufacturers of electric warehouse forklifts continue to make new and highly beneficial advancements to virtually all current and developing models of electric warehouse forklifts. These advancements are for current and developing models, including propane, gasoline, diesel, and electric. At the same time, the e-commerce industry continues to grow and expand, consistently increasing the demand and pressure for efficient and timely deliveries of goods. Electric forklifts can increase safety and protection against workplace damages, employee injuries and turnover, decreased productivity and quality, and more. They can also help your valuable business experience a higher degree of employee and client satisfaction, as well as loyalty and ultimate revenue success.

Some of the top safety hazards that electric motor forklifts, battery powered forklifts, and other consistently developing and expanding technologies can help you effectively protect your employees and facility against beyond loud industrial noise include moving vehicles, trips, slips, and falls, and handling and lifting. Other top safety hazards include fires, moving and stacking pallets, moving pedestrians, working at heights, falling objects, aisle obstructions, improper employee training on safety and other topics, and ultimate hazard reporting. Electric motor forklifts, battery powered forklifts, and other advanced technologies from a trusted industry leader can help you protect your business and its valuable employees and other assets in several ways. These worthwhile equipment pieces can effectively lower your maintenance costs, existing vibrational noise, and more while boosting your productivity, quality, efficiency, employee awareness, and more. However, you still need to raise visual and other awareness during use.

Decreasing Hazards With ELOKON

While electric forklifts can help you more effectively and efficiently protect your business against safety hazards in your workspaces, you still need to raise visual and other awareness of any potentially impending collisions, injuries, blindspots, corners, and speed risks. For these reasons, ELOKON’s attuned solutions make our team an industry leader. There’s never been a better time to improve and maintain your existing levels of industrial safety with the right equipment to reward your time, effort, and budget funds as a wholly worthwhile investment with expansive returns. Our automated forklift safety and fleet management systems can increase material handling safety in several impactful ways. Our forklift driver assistance systems can help you to ensure the more efficient and safe operation of your existing material handling equipment. Our range of attuned products uses nothing but the latest sensor technologies available from the automotive industry.

You can maximize your forklift safety and speed. ELOKON’s advanced automated forklift safety solutions include integrated fleet management systems, pedestrian safety devices, anti-collision and proximity detection systems, and radar-based speed control devices. Our team can also offer services on facility and machinery safety. These technologies are aptly named ELOshield, ELOfleet, ELOprotect, and ELOspeed.


This proximity detection system helps you automatically avoid collisions. It alerts forklift operators when objects, pedestrians, or other vehicles are too close in range with visual, auditory, and vibrational alerts.


This cloud-based fleet management system integrates smartphone capabilities into forklifts to help you streamline safety checklists, access control, fleet performance data, and impact monitoring.


This collision avoidance technology helps protect equipment and pedestrians using advanced laser technology. VNA forklift trucks can avoid accidents with mobile pedestrians for safe distancing.


This automatic speed control technology prevents forklift accidents with radar-based driver assistance and automatic speed reduction.

Safer Forklift Operation With ELOKON

When it comes to decreasing hazards with electric forklift solutions, trust ELOKON. As an industry leader for over 37 years, we continue to develop award-winning solutions for employees worldwide. Connect with us today!

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