Best Safety Investments to Protect Warehouse Employees

Best Safety Investments to Protect Warehouse Employees

Beyond safety training, adhering to OSHA regulations, and wearing PPE, what are other ways to protect employees in the warehouse workplace?
Concerned warehouse employers go the extra mile in researching more safety tips and technology. Warehouse accidents such as forklift injuries can devastate employees and the warehouse. But where to start? What are the best safety investments to protect warehouse employees from accidents, collisions, and workplace injuries? Warehouses are quickly modernizing with intelligent sensor technology, which our ELOshield system uses. In this article, we’ll discuss the best safety investments to protect warehouse employees, specifically focusing on our ELOshield system. We will also discuss what a safe warehouse means, what safety warehouse products are available, and safety items that can benefit your warehouse.

Maintaining a Safe Warehouse

As an employer in an industrial setting, employee safety should be at the top of your priority list, including looking into the best safety investments to protect warehouse employees. Maintaining a safe warehouse means following OSHA standards and other legal regulations to keep your employees and workplace safe. It also means staying current with the latest safety warehouse products available and considering how you might implement them in your workplace. At ELOKON, warehouse employee and forklift safety is our priority, so we’ve developed warehouse products that use sensor technology to keep forklift operators and surrounding employees safe.

Sensor Technology and Warehouse Products

Implementing the latest safety technology shouldn’t be complicated. At ELOKON, we have designed warehouse products and safety items to prevent forklift-related accidents.

Lift truck-pedestrian accidents can be deadly, but your company can help prevent them by implementing our ELOshield proximity detection system. Our ELOshield proximity detection system protects pedestrians, lift trucks, and other hazard zones in the warehouse environment, and it is one of the best investments to protect warehouse employees. But how does it work?

ELOshield at a Glance

ELOshield uses sensory technology to identify pedestrians or other objects, like vehicles too close to a lift truck. Not only does the system warn the forklift operator of a potential collision, but it also warns pedestrians near the forklift with audible, visual, and vibration cues. This proximity detection system has two zones — the “Warning” and ”Protection” zones. Each zone has a customizable range that you can specify based on your warehouse’s needs. The ultra-wideband (UWB) wireless technology identifies potential collisions due to the proximity of the truck and other people or objects. We offer two versions of the ELOshield proximity detection system: the mobile and fixed site. Both use the same technology to achieve warehouse and employee safety. ELOshield is an assistance system that improves warehouse safety when you, as the employer, pair it with adherence to safety regulations.

Warehouse Safety Items

Warehouse safety items have modernized modern warehouses. At ELOKON, we’ve developed our detection systems to prevent pedestrian-vehicle collisions. We’ve designed our ELOshieldGO, ELOshieldDRIVE, ELOshieldZONE, and ELOshieldSPEED systems to protect employees in the warehouse workplace. These systems function as protective shields around pedestrian employees, forklifts, other trucks, and specified zones throughout the warehouse. Industrial workplace accidents can be financially devastating for the workplace itself and the employees affected. This technology is advanced for maximal warehouse safety. Implementing one or more of these systems improves warehouse safety and is worth the investment.

Implementing ELOshield

We at ELOKON will recommend which ELOshield systems can benefit your warehouse, depending on your company’s safety needs. Nevertheless, any of our ELOshield proximity detection systems are ideal for mixed fleets, and we’re the first to offer customizable zones. Our ELOshield systems simplify and streamline warehouse safety. Let’s clarify the difference between our ELOshield proximity detection systems.


ELOshieldGO is ideal for pedestrian detection for trucks and truck detection for pedestrians. This system alerts pedestrians of the proximity to warehouse trucks over the radio, warns the truck operator, and instructs them to slow down when the pedestrian enters the hazardous zone.


ELOshieldDRIVE notifies warehouse trucks of a potential collision when they enter each other’s detection range and is adjustable. Based on your settings, one or both trucks can decrease their speed to avoid a collision, besides warning the operators.


Instead of the system warning of a pedestrian or other truck in the hazardous zone, ELOshieldZONE is designed as a fixed-position monitor with a hazardous zone. The system is ideal for vulnerable areas, such as aisle crossings, other intersections, or doors. Because these detection systems are dynamic, two trucks can pass through the door or intersection, depending on their range settings. When a warehouse truck reaches the ELOshieldZONE range, the system can warn the operator or reduce the driving speed of the truck.


Even large areas require safe speeds from warehouse truck operators. ELOshieldSPEED automatically adjusts a vehicle in high-risk and large warehouse areas. When a truck passes through an ELOshieldSPEED zone, it slows it down. When the truck exits the zone, its speed returns to normal. A combination of multiple ELOshield proximity detection systems can drastically improve warehouse safety. With ELOshield systems in place, your employees will know that you prioritize their safety and appreciate their dedication to their jobs. Regular ELOspeed helps slow down the truck when it’s indoors, whereas ELOshieldSPEED only does so in specific areas.

Investing in Safety With ELOKON

Your warehouse can achieve worker safety with the technology available from ELOKON. With safety technology such as ELOshield, your workplace can identify potential workplace hazards before they lead to collisions and other accidents. Forklift injuries are among the most common warehouse injuries, but they are preventable with the right technology. At ELOKON, we believe in implementing the latest safety technology to create a safe warehouse environment. One of the best safety investments to protect warehouse employees is our ELOshield system for forklifts. Contact us today so we can make your warehouse safer and prevent warehouse accidents as soon as possible.

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