Best Forklift Safety and Fleet Management Options Available

Best Forklift Safety and Fleet Management Options Available

When you’re running a warehouse, you want everything to be streamlined. From streamlined safety tech to cloud-based fleet management, a lot of aspects of a warehouse workplace require the organization to ensure safety. However, finding a fleet management system that complements warehouse safety technology can be challenging. Luckily, ELOKON offers some of the best forklift safety and fleet management options. ELOKON’s ELOshield and ELOfleet help you organize and coordinate your warehouse safety features and fleet. Here, we’ll discuss the best forklift safety and fleet management options available, including forklift impact sensors, the benefits of smart forklifts, and how to implement forklift fleet management software.


Forklift Impact Sensors and Smart Forklifts

Forklifts are dangerous and require extra safety measures to ensure that employees don’t experience a potentially devastating forklift-related injury. As an employer, you need to know and follow OSHA standards for the warehouse to keep your employees safe. Nevertheless, you can implement other safety technology to further protect your employees from workplace injury or accidents, such as our ELOshield and ELOfleet systems. At ELOKON, our products utilize tech from the automotive industry to make our forklift impact sensors accurate and helpful. This smart forklift technology alerts pedestrians and operators to avoid collisions, depending on your ELOshield proximity detection system. This technology also helps you track your fleet and manage productivity. Now, let’s discuss the specifics of our forklift fleet management software regarding ELOshield and ELOfleet.

Forklift Safety and Fleet Management Software

Our assistance systems are some of the best forklift safety and fleet management options. Our ELOshield proximity detection system is an alert to workplace pedestrians and forklift operators when they enter a coinciding hazard zone, detected by ultra-wideband (UWB) technology. UWB technology detects when a pedestrian, forklift, or other object will likely collide due to sensing proximity. The ELOshield system alerts through visual or acoustic signals. Our ELOfleet forklift fleet management software is a cloud-based system that quickly provides access to fleet management and data. Together, ELOshield and ELOfleet complement a warehouse by safeguarding and organizing it. However, to efficiently implement the best forklift safety and fleet management options available, let’s dive deeper into the components of each system.

ELOfleet systems


Since about 4.6 warehouse and transportation workers out of 100 experienced workplace-related injuries in 2021, investing in workplace safety is ever so important. The ELOshield proximity detection system includes ELOshieldGO, ELOshieldDRIVE, ELOshieldZONE, and ELOshieldSPEED. Each component safeguards one aspect of forklift use.


ELOshieldGO prevents pedestrian-forklift collisions. As an employee enters the range of a forklift, the employee’s wearable ELOshield device and the forklift system will alert each party and warn of a collision.


The ELOshieldDRIVE system stops forklift-forklift collisions by alerting each operator. Depending on your settings, the ELOshieldDRIVE system can slow the speed of the forklifts.


For ELOshieldZONE, you install multiple ELOshield stationary modules at intersections, busy aisles, and doors and monitor and trigger actions for both forklifts and pedestrians. If only one forklift approaches the ELOshieldZONE area, the system will warn the operator and can slow the forklift down as it proceeds through the area. However, if two or more forklifts approach the area, the system provides the lift with a trigger that can allow the lift to come to a controlled stop to help avoid a collision.


Lastly, the ELOshieldSPEED controls forklift speed when a vehicle enters a large area, especially one with high traffic due to humans or robots. This ELOshield system brings the forklift to a designated speed. Once it leaves the area, the forklift can regain its previous speed.

When you combine two or more of these ELOshield components, you’re creating a safer warehouse environment for your employees. Considering that you’ll be implementing some of the best forklift safety and fleet management options available, your safety systems will be modern and effective. Let’s look at how ELOfleet simplifies forklift fleet management.


ELOfleet is a cloud-based forklift fleet management system that allows you to access controls through a smartphone app and data through its web-based dashboard. ELOfleet can also manage mixed fleets, so your warehouse can have an accurate account of your fleet. Both versions of ELOfleet have many benefits– let’s discuss a few of them.

Mobile Vehicle Access Control

Only authorized personnel must operate forklifts– our mobile vehicle access control ensures this. Only authorized employees can control forklifts to improve safety, and the mobile app grants them the access required to operate them. You can customize the levels of authorization as well as how you would like employees to sign into their accounts for access.

Mobile Electronic Safety Checklists

Electronic checklists make sure that authorized employees are ready to operate forklifts. Forklift operators can complete these safety checklists in their mobile ELOfleet app.

Mobile Forklift Status Monitoring

The ELOfleet app can record accidents via a sensor and automatically assign them a severity level. This information can be used to plan for vehicle maintenance.

Web-Based Key Fleet Metrics

You can monitor fleet metrics on the web-based dashboard and customize it so that you see the data that’s important to your warehouse. You can also summarize data in daily, weekly, or monthly timelines to ensure maximal productivity.

Web-Based Multi-Site Analysis

Fleet metrics offer 10 standard reports for any number of facilities. You can tailor analysis for each warehouse site since they’re different. Knowing strengths and weaknesses can help you encourage good work and plan for improvement. ELOfleet can compare your different warehouse sites to optimize warehouse productivity.


Modernizing Warehouse Safety With ELOKON

At ELOKON, we help connect you with the best forklift safety and fleet management options available. We make our ELOshield proximity detection systems with the newest technology in forklift impact sensors. Our ELOfleet smart fleet management system can increase operational safety and efficiency. Implementing smart forklift tech modernizes your warehouse. Contact us today for smart fleet solutions for your warehouse.

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