Innovative sensor solutions drive warehouse safety and productivity

Webinar: Innovative sensor solutions drive warehouse safety and productivity
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Advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) are electronic systems known from the automotive industry that assist drivers in driving and parking functions. They are systems developed to automate, adapt, and enhance vehicles for safety and better driving. Increasingly, such systems are also finding their way into the warehouse, where serious accidents still today, unfortunately, occur too frequently. Stringent safety regulations often then adversely impact productivity in the warehouse.

Warning and safety systems have been desigend to reduce such accidents and to help lift productivity in the warehouse. They prevent accidents between pedestrians and trucks, avoid truck on truck collisions and help reduce damage by trucks to warehouse infrastructure.

In this webinar, we outline what we believe to be the top 8 warning and safety systems as they exist today particularly designed for warehouse and materials handlings applications. As an internationally active company in this field, we believe to have a very good holistic understanding of all the technologies available on the market today.

We will highlight the key functionalities of each product, their intended use and customer benefits. What more, we will share with you our recommendations on how to best decide on the right solutions provider, on the best process for successfully implementing such solutions in your warehouse or production environment. And no, not all solutions we showcase in this webinar are ELOKON solutions.

We will then highlight where we believe the market is going and what implications this has for the ELOKON product roadmap. There is plenty of time to answer your questions and have a lively discussion around this very exciting topic.

Warning and safety systems are playing an ever more important role in the warehouse. So, if you carry operational warehousing or production responsibility, but this topic is new to you, then join us. We look forward to meeting you and learning of your requirements.


Short introduction of ELOKON and today's webinar presenters

Explaining warning and safety systems in the context of materials handling/intralogistics

Highlighting 8 typical warning and safety systems for the warehouse

Customer benefits of safety and warning systems for the warehouse

Key elements to consider when planning the implementation of such solutions

Key current dynamics shaping the engineering roadmaps for warning and safety systems in the warehouse

A glimpse at the ELOKON product roadmap

Time for your questions and a lively discussion


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