Improve VNA truck safety and productivity with anti-collision lidar

Webinar: Improve VNA truck safety and productivity with anti-collision lidar
Operating two or more trucks in one aisle

Many warehouse operators stipulate that -for safety reasons- you are NOT allowed to operate two or more VNA trucks in the same aisle at the same time. What if there were an anti-collision product which would prevent two trucks (or more) trucks in the same aisle colliding with one another? What boost in productivity would this provide to your operation? Learn all about these types of solutions here.

In this webinar, ELOKON subject matter experts will provide a brief explanation of the German regulatory requirements which brought about the engineering of pedestrian safety and anti-collsion systems. They will then highlight the difference between warning and safety systems, outline the difference between "simple" pedestrian detection safety and anti-collision safety systems. Before opening the webinar up for your questions, we will outline two anti-collision product solutions for very narrow aisle applications and, by providing an outlook on what we are currently engineering, will highlight a third, camera based system, available for sale late in 2021.

Note: the focus of this webinar is on anti-collision systems. If you are new to safety solutions for VNA trucks, we recommend you participate in the webinar "All you need to know about VNA safety and warning systems".


Short introduction ELOKON and today's speakers

Brief explanation of the German regulatory requirements

What are the primary differences between warning and safety systems?

How do "simple" pedestrian detection and anti-collision systems differ?

Performance implications of anti-collision systems for very narrow aisle truck warehouses

ELOprotect ACS and ELOassist: highlight both an anti-collision safety and an anti-collision warning system

What to consider when planning an implementation for VNA warehouses

The ELOKON VNA product roadmap: a glimpse @ new products and new features

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