Forklift proximity detection systems - a rising star in the warehouse?

Webinar: Forklift proximity detection systems - a rising star in the warehouse?
Making warehouses safer and more productive

Learn how ultrawideband technology is revolutionising the possibilities of forklift warning systems for more safety and productivity in the warehouse.

We are excited to host this webinar on forklift warning systems, as these products encompass an ultrawideband chip, which is, as of recently, also being incorporated in the smart phones of the worldwide leading smartphone suppliers. We will set the stage in explaining what proximity detection systems, also known as forklift truck warning systems, are, and, what their strong use case to you as a customer is.

We will then explain both the componentns and the functional variants of such systems, will highlight what to consider when planning to pilot or implement such a system across your warehouse or production fleet of fork lift trucks and will provide a glimpse into our product roadmap.

As yes, we will also discuss what the implications might be for our product developing subject to the adoption of smart phone manufactures of the ultrawideband technology.

There will be plenty of time for an active discussion and we look forward to hearing from you want your requirement are for future generations of this product solution.


Short introduction of ELOKON and today's speakers

Why are forklift warning systems important in materials handling/intralogistics?

The ELOshield product explained

Components and functional variants explained

ELOshield and the Apple iPhone 11

Test a system in a "live" environment

ELOKON innovation & idea management: see a glimpse of the product roadmap

Time for your questions: We welcome your active participation and encourage you to share your requirements


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Head of Sales



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Kai Hansen

Head of Engineering



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