All you need to know about VNA safety and warning systems

Webinar: All you need to know about VNA safety and warning systems
Understanding VNA safety requirements

German regulatory requirements stipulate that when you operate a very narrow aisle warehouse, you may only do so if the narrow aisles are protected by means of a safety system. Due to the fact that, unfortunately, serious accidents still occur in VNA warehouses all over the world, these types of product solutions are increasingly also sold outside of Germany.

In this webinar, ELOKON subject matter experts will outline the differences between stationary and mobile safety systems to protect pedestrians and trucks in very narrow aisles. We will outline also what the differences are between safety and warning systems, will highlight key functional features of safety systems (including anti-collision between trucks), show what is new (Higher speeds, smaller scanner dimensions, etc) and will speak about what we believe is important to consider when planning an implementation of such safety systems. Before opening the webinar up for your important questions, we will provide a glimpse on our product roadmap to show what our engineers are currently working on for release at the end of 2021.

If you operate or sell VNA trucks, we'd love to hear from you and would love even more, if you and/or your colleagues join us for this exciting webinar.


Short introduction of ELOKON and today's speakers

Brief explanation of the German VNA regulatory requirements

Stationary vs. mobile (on truck) pedestrian detection systems for VNA warehouses

VNA safety and warning systems - what's the difference?

Mobile (VNA truck) pedestrian systems explained

Functional variants of VNA truck pedestrian safety systems

What to consider when planning an implementation of VNA truck safety systems.

The ELOKON VNA product roadmap: a glimpse @ new products and new features

We welcome your active participation and encourage you to share your requirements


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