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It was the American National Forklift Safety Day on 11 June 2019, and we took this opportunity to highlight the importance of safety and equipment in this country too. BITA is also leading the initiative to introduce this in the UK.

Safety products for industrial vehicles

The increasing use of robots and automated guided vehicles (AGVs) also increases the risk of accidents for pedestrians on the move in the warehouse and in manufacturing facilities and plants.

ELOKON provides systematic safety. For warehouses and plants.

Our safety products, based on the latest technologies such as RFID, radar and lidar can be installed or retrofitted to all types of industrial vehicles and brands to reduce these risks. Our Lead with Safety strategy guarantees that our products - which have received national and international awards - meet the most exacting quality standards through the innovative use of technology.

Schmalgangstapler im Lager

ELOprotect – guaranteed safety in narrow aisles

When forklift trucks and personnel are in narrow aisles at the same time, the use of a safety system is mandatory by law. ELOprotect ensures the reliable protection of pedestrians when vehicles are working in narrow aisles - and thereby complies with the guidelines (DIN 15185 part 2) for operational intralogistic processes. This multiple award-winning product is in use in the warehouses of around 6,000 companies worldwide, preventing accidents between vehicles and pedestrians. The anti-collision version of ELOprotect enables multiple forklifts to work simultaneously in one aisle with no negative effect on operational speed.       

More information about ELOprotect

ELOshield - mobile driver assistance system

In busy areas where personnel work in close proximity to industrial vehicles such as forklift trucks, AGVs or cobots, ensuring the safety of the the human workforce can be a challenge. ELOshield’s  innovative protective shield significantly enhances safety as its radio-based identification system automatically detects when a person enters the danger zone of a forklift.

The assistance system can also be used to prevent collisions between forklifts or - in a stationary version – to monitor high-risk areas such as intersections where there is a high volume of internal traffic.

More about ELOshield

ELOshield also improves safety for industrial workplaces

Wherever employees are involved in the operation of industrial machinery and plants, there is a risk of accidents, so it is vital to ensure safer working conditions in these areas.

Our ELOshield for industrial workplaces automatically detects a person’s presence in a defined high-risk area around a machine. It can actively intervene in its control systems to prevent dangerous movements, and in the case of a stoppage, to prevent its unwanted re-activation.

More about ELOshield for industrial workplaces

We’ll show you how it works:

Driver-assistance system with wireless proximity-detection technology to avoid forklift accidents.

Fully automatic system with laser technology to prevent lift truck accidents in very narrow aisles.


Experts in safety

There is a direct link between safety and performance in intralogistics: if safety levels improve, so does productivity and therefore the output of the warehouse.  

Every project is different and every customer’s circumstances are individual, so our detailed review and evaluation of a customer’s  requirements forms the basis of our tailor-made safety concept.  ELOKON consultants have in-depth experience and expertise and as external consultants they can offer a fresh insight into the safety issues in your warehouse. With our consultation service and advice you will receive concrete recommendations for measures to permanently reduce any existing risks.

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The results

  • Fewer accidents between industrial vehicles and personnel

  • Fewer collisions between industrial vehicles

  • Less idle time

  • More vehicles in operation

  • More satisfied employees

  • Improved safety awareness in the warehouse

Safety check list

Warehouse safety is a number one priority for us all!

Be aware of the risks and how to avoid them with our new safety checklist which covers MHE, automation, machinery and more. 

"Safety made by ELOKON"

Safety solutions for intralogistics

Experience ELOKON's safety solutions in our 30-minute webinar and put your questions directly to our experts. Participation in the webinar is free of charge.

Automation and machinery safety

More than just intralogistics

Safety is the bedrock for efficiency and quality in the entire production process. A lack of safety, on the other hand, can significantly disrupt the operation of machinery and entire plants, can lead to serious accidents and may increase manufacturing costs. Whether individual machines or complex plants, the aim of every evaluation is to find concrete solutions and recommend measures that will guarantee the safety of the workforce and machinery.

We are specialists in providing automated solutions which guarantee a high level of industrial safety and improved efficiency and quality in the manufacturing process. Automated operations rationalise the use of personnel and therefore reduce risks.

More about our safer industrial automation solutions

What we offer

  • Safety audits and assessments

  • Safe industrial solutions

  • Integration of automation technology

  • Construction of safe industrial machines

  • Plant safety consulting

  • Industry safety training

Safety concepts and advice on the subject of automation and machine safety

Experts in plant safety

ELOKON Plant Experts is an international consulting team that supports machine users and machine manufacturers worldwide in the areas of technical occupational safety.

Whether it’s risk assessment, safety audit, or a safe industrial automation solution there is no "off-the shelf“ product at ELOKON, but a perfect, tailor-made solution in the form of your holistic safety concept. In the field of industrial automation we provide full-service solutions; from concept to engineering to the implementation of a new control system.

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The results

  • Fewer accidents in workplaces

  • Fewer downtimes and stoppages

  • Improved machinery productivity

  • Improved cost efficiency

  • More satisfied employees

  • More machines in operation

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