Stöcklin AGVs: safe driving with ELOshield

Stöcklin AGVs: Safe driving with ELOshield
Mobile warning system prevents collisions between industrial vehicles

The use of automated guided vehicles (AGVs) in intralogistics is on the increase - and at a fast pace. The reasons for this are many and varied: more digitisation and the growth of automised processes require new approaches to certain issues in the industry. Evolving customer expectations and the demand for quicker delivery times for example are influencing the future development of sustainable logistics concepts.

AGVs play an integral role here as they guarantee the reliable flow of materials – 24/7. Our innovative protective shield ELOshield keeps these vehicles safe when they are on the move.

The Project at a glance

Different types

of vehicles are working together side by side

Easily overlooked

are AGVs from the point of view of a forklift truck driver

Pedestrian modules

protect employees from collisions with AGVs

Equal safety standard

for all vehicles, especially for mixed fleets of forklift trucks and AGVs

The Background
Fully autonomously operated vehicles

Using a warning system is eminently sensible as the operation of AGVs can not only present a number of challenges but can also give rise to safety risks. Accidents involving warehouse personnel or collisions with other vehicles can happen quickly if safety measures are inadequate, particularly if the AGVs or their loads are at a low level and therefore easily overlooked by a forklift driver.

The Solution
ELOKON warning system ELOshield

This is where the innovative warning and driver assistance system ELOshield can help, and is why the Swiss industrial vehicle and forklift specialist Stöcklin has installed it on its AGVs. The system has also proved itself to be a tried and tested solution for a company in the automotive sector which has fitted ELOshield’s modules to all its vehicles, whether manned or automated. If a forklift approaches an AGV, the warning system automatically detects a potential danger and reduces its speed. If the vehicles get even closer to each other the AGV is brought to a standstill. And once the forklift has exited the danger zone the AGV can resume its operation.

Increased safety
for warehouse employees

In order to additionally prevent accidents between AGVs and the workforce in the warehouse, personnel carry a smartphone-sized personal module with them. This enables the AGV to automatically recognise their presence if they approach it. It then brakes to prevent any further danger.

Warning system ideal for mixed fleets

These examples illustrate the decisive advantages of ELOshield: the driver assistance system can be installed on different industrial vehicles, forklift trucks or cobots of any type, any age and any drive type. It is also OEM independent. In short: this enables ELOshield customers to unify their mixed fleets and ensure that all vehicles meet the same safety standards.

About the Stöcklin-Group

Since 1934, the Swiss Stöcklin Group has been a competent partner worldwide for innovative and customer-specific warehouse logistics solutions. As an experienced, international system integrator for intralogistic systems, Stöcklin supports their customers from the planning and development phase through to delivery of complete turnkey systems regarding warehouse logistics and automated warehouse management.

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