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  • Poland’s largest supplier of floor coverings, has safety sorted with the assistance system ELOshield
Poland’s largest supplier of floor coverings, has safety sorted with the assistance system ELOshield

KOMFORT, Poland’s largest supplier of floor coverings
has safety sorted with the assistance system ELOshield

Together with STILL, ELOKON has installed 23 mobile ELOshield systems with customised zones and 70 personal modules at KOMFORT, Poland's largest wholesaler of floor coverings. This driver assistance system automatically detects when a person enters the danger zone of a forklift and can also be used to prevent collisions between forklifts. One specific issue at KOMFORT that needed to be addressed was the safe handling of the 4m long rolls of floor covering which called for individually defined protection zones, as well as a specialised solution in the radio sensor technology.

The Project at a glance


forklift trucks


warehouse employees with ELOshield personal modules


aisles, which connect 40 sets of racking

4 meter

long rolls of carpet

The Background
The safe handling and storage of floor coverings

23 STILL electric forklifts work in the warehouse in the 39 aisles, which offer access to 40 sets of racking. In order to keep up with the efficient throughput levels required at KOMFORT, the free roaming forklifts need to be able to operate at relatively high speeds. The individually configurable warning zones that can be created with the ELOshield mobile drive assistance system reduce the risks and enhance safety for warehouse employees.

The Solution: Project Implementation
Optimum protection for long forks

ELOKON equipped 10 STILL counterbalance forklifts, 11 reach trucks and 2 narrow aisle forklifts trucks, built in 2016, with ELOshield which uses innovative UWB-based technology. This warning system can detect when a person approaches or enters the danger zone around a forklift and can also be used to prevent truck-on-truck collisions. And a stationary variant can monitor danger zones such as intersections or gateways where there is a high volume of internal traffic.

Each of the vehicles was fitted with a forklift module, which detects and locates any objects in the danger zones. The 70 employees received ELOshield personal modules to enable them to safely carry out their daily tasks.

The Challenge
Special protection, smart forklifts

ELOshield with individually configured zones for the long forks

Due to the mix of products and therefore the diverse loads in the warehouse, two types of forklift were chosen to overcome certain challenges of this project; ones fitted with extra-long forks are used to enable easy handling of the 4m long carpet rolls, and these work alongside trucks with standard forks which deal with other items.

This is where ELOshield’s customised zones come into play, acting as protective shields. The use of multiple antennas enables the creation of freely configured zones to accord with specific customer requirements. In this case the zones were adjusted to suit the hazardous situation and the specific type of forklift in order to offer the highest level of protection for personnel. For example, the front protection zone of the forklifts with longer forks is wider than the zone directly around the operator’s cab.

A further stipulation was that acoustic alerts and warning beacons were to be used in yellow zones only, whereas in red zones an automatic speed reduction down to 8km/h was to be activated. The other forklifts were to be parameterised with a radial protection and warning zone of 2 or 4 metres respectively.

A view into the warehouse


Poland’s largest floor covering supplier KOMFORT has been supplying laminates, wooden flooring, carpets and rugs for over 25 years from over a hundred outlets. With around 1,000 employees it is one of the fastest growing companies in the country, and there are plans to open further branches in 20 more locations in the near future. The average branch size of 1,000 m2 enables an extensive range of stock to be held.

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