ELOshield increases safety in the DSM Nutritional Products warehouse

ELOshield increases safety
in the DSM Nutritional Products warehouse in Mszczonów

Health and safety specialists face particular challenges in environments where pedestrians and industrial vehicles such as forklift trucks are working in close proximity to each other. Regardless of the industry and the size of the facility, warehousing operations are under increasing pressure to work at a fast, intense pace, and this  can have an impact on overall safety levels. DSM Nutritional Products decided to implement measures to reduce risks in its warehouse in Mszczonów with ELOKON’s proximity detection system ELOshield.

The Project at a Glance

3000 m2

of warehouse area






potential dangerous areas

The Background
Prevention is better than cure

Providing extra levels of safety support in the workplace serves to minimise risk, and, as the saying goes - prevention is better than cure. This is just what our client DSM Nutritional Products aimed for when it chose the ELOshield system. The company's priority was to pinpoint areas considered to be potentially dangerous and eliminate the risks of collisions between human traffic and forklift trucks, as well as truck-on-truck collisions.

The Solution
Three ELOshield functionalities

DSM identified five areas in the warehouse in Mszczonów that were classified as high risk and therefore decided to invest in 3 variants of the ELOshield system – ELOshieldGO personnel protection, ELOshieldDRIVE collision warning and ELOshield ZONE proximity detection. Thanks to the latter, when a forklift operator enters a designated risk zone, this activates a warning signal, and the speed of the vehicle is automatically reduced to creep speed. ELOshield vehicle modules have been fitted to all four forklifts, and pedestrian workers are provided with a personal module at the start of their shift. Communication between these modules means that if two forklifts or a forklift and a pedestrian approach each other they both receive audio-visual signals to warn them of the potential danger.

The ELOshield functionalities
in combination

About DSM Nutritional Products

DSM is a global, goal-oriented, knowledge-based company in the business of nutrition, health and sustainable living. DSM's goal is to create a better life for everyone - today and in the future. Their products and solutions help address the world's greatest challenges, such as hunger and limited energy sources.

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