Smart Safety Vest

New: Smart safety vest for ELOshield
Innovative personnel detection – no additional module needed

Warehouse operatives need to be quick on their feet and can clock up the miles on a daily basis, particularly if their tasks involve a great deal of picking. But they also need to be protected from risks, especially those posed when they are working in close proximity to forklift trucks. Our innovative smart vest is a first of its kind to combine comfort, unhampered mobility and above all safety for personnel. We will be exhibiting a prototype of this exciting new development as a LogiMAT exclusive in Stuttgart in Hall 10, on Stand F09 from February 19 - 21.

Wearables in intralogistics
Intelligent safety clothing for the warehouse

We will be sharing more detailed insights on the subject of wearable safety technology with show visitors in our seminar entitled „Wearables in intralogistics: the future is getting personal“  on February 21 at 11.30 in Forum E in Hall 9.

See ELOKON's smart vest live!

We are looking forward to showing you our latest innovation live at LogiMAT. Visit us from February 19 - 21 on Stand F09 in Hall 10.

Smart clothing, smart protection

With our smart vest there is no longer any need for warehouse operatives to carry an additional personal module around with them. Electronics integrated in the front and back of the vest work alongside our mobile assistance system ELOshield to ensure that personnel can be protected and detected at all times. When a warehouse operative is in the danger zone of a forklift, the vest he or she is wearing emits an acoustic alarm or sends a signal to the truck, which can automatically slow it down to walking speed. With long-range detection of personnel at the front or rear of trucks, ELOshield prevents accidents in the warehouse.    

The smart vest for warehouse workers offers innovative features to increase safety and productivity
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Innovative features

Our safety vest can of course be fitted with further innovative features to make the warehouse even safer. At LogiMAT we look forward to engaging with our customers regarding various options and functions that could be practically implemented. These may include:  

  • Status sensor: In the case of inactivity, this can automatically detect whether the vest is not actually being worn, or whether an operative is motionless due to an accident. This information can be transmitted and alerts can be triggered if necessary.
  • „Help me“ cord: An emergency cord enables operatives to quickly and easily raise an alarm.
  • Name badge: Personalised vests enable quick identification of any injured operatives in the case of accidents.
  • Inductive charging: The vest’s battery is wirelessly charged.
  • LED strips: These allow for better detectability. The strips light up in risky scenarios so that the operative is clearly visible.
  • Acoustic alarm: Various types of alarms are possible depending on the situation.
  • Text message: In the event of an accident, details can be sent by means of pre-defined messages, for example to the warehouse manager or the IT infrastructure.
  • Vibration elements: These can generate tactile feedback.
  • Gas detection sensor: Fitted to the waistband, this can warn of the presence of toxic gases.

The opportunities to add more features to the vest are many and varied. We look forward to discussions with you regarding the ongoing development and functions of this potential life saver.

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