Safe drinking water - for everyone!

Safe drinking water - for everyone!

ELOKON is supporting the "Viva con Agua" initiative

We are pleased to be a supporter of the “Viva con Agua” charity initiative. From now on, all the mineral water that we supply for our employees, as well as for customers and business partners who visit our premises, is sourced from this organisation. With proceeds from the sale of its brand, “Viva con Agua” supports drinking water projects around the world. In many countries clean drinking water is not widely available and we want to help change this for the better.

Viva con Agua was founded in the St. Pauli district of the city of Hamburg after Benjamin Adrion, a member of FC St. Pauli, spent some time with his team members at a training camp in Cuba in 2005. He became aware of a charity project which donated drinking water to Kindergartens in Havana. Once back home, the professional footballer started to raise money for this very worthy cause and was generously supported by the FC St. Pauli fans. As well as benefitting the children of Cuba, the proceeds also helped other international projects. In 2006 Viva con Agua was officially registered as a charity with the aim of ensuring clean drinking water supplies to people all over the world.

Since then the charity’s network has continued to expand outside of Germany. The Swiss branch of Viva con Agua, for example, has been able to ensure that more than 100,000 people have permanent access to clean water. And since 2015 a team from the organisation has been active on the ground in Uganda, where locals collect donations and oversee project implementation. Similar communities are currently being set up in Nepal and Mozambique.

Viva con Agua in Switzerland has enabled more than 100,000 people to have permanent access to clean drinking water.

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