Meet us at the UKMHA Safety Convention

Learn how innovative technology can minimise the risk of accidents
and keep your warehouse safe

Two weeks today we will be at the UKMHA Safety Convention at the Heart of England Conference Centre near Coventry. This is as ever an unmissable event for managers in the in the warehousing and other industry sectors who are responsible for the safety and wellbeing of many thousands of workers across the UK. We are looking forward to networking with delegates and demonstrating how the innovative technology used in two of ELOKON’s safety and assistance systems can minimise the risk of accidents and collisions to keep their workforce and equipment safe.

ELOshield is a radio-based assistance system which monitors the position of pedestrians and forklifts in real time and triggers warnings when they get too close to each other. ELOfleet Smart is ELOKON’s innovative fleet management system for mixed forklift fleets. Key features include access control, the recording of damage and impacts and the evaluation of vehicle and fleet performance data. Both products are OEM agnostic and can be installed on forklifts of any type, any age and any drive type.  

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Then of course you can contact us at any time via our website to arrange an appointment with one of our safety specialists.

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