Haspa Marathon 2019

A super performance from the ELOKON relay team

ELOKON’s two relay teams were ready to give it their all on April 28 at the start of the 2019 Haspa Marathon in Hamburg, Germany’s biggest spring marathon.

And what a success it was: our seven runners were on super form and came in at positions 243 and 983. Our teams were a diverse mix this year. Some of the five employees from our company HQ in Tornesch travelled from Bremen and Nuremberg, and others had an even longer journey: the runner from our Polish subsidiary made his way from Poland to our Hanseatic city especially to take part in the race – that shows real commitment!

Our student Karthik Bose Iyer stepped in at the last minute for a colleague who was ill and Kai Hansen has to be congratulated on his sterling performance: he was our start runner in the first relay and then went straight on to complete the second stage of the second relay.

With 1,579 relay teams and 19,267 finishers, this year’s marathon was once again a fantastic experience  for runners and spectators alike. Around 350,000 people lined the route to cheer on the participants, making for a great atmosphere which kept the ELOKON relay teams motivated right to the finishing line.  

The perfect preparation

To make sure they had enough carbohydrates to keep their muscles going throughout the course, our runners had the traditional pre-race pasta meal at an Italian restaurant the night before. They also compared notes and swapped tips on strategies for a successful run.

We'll be back

We’ve already got next year’s date marked on the calendar. On April 19 our employees will get into their running shoes again for the 2020 Haspa Marathon.    

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