ELOshield Award

ELOshield is on the „Best of“ list

for the Industry Award 2018

For the second year in a row an ELOKON product has been included in the „Best of“ list of the Industry Award 2018. Following ELOprotect’s listing in 2017, ELOshield – a radio based assistance system - has this year been judged to meet the criteria for a product which offers a high level of technological, ecological, economical and social benefits. The Industry Award is bestowed yearly by Huber Publishing.

ELOshield functions essentially as a protective shield which automatically detects the presence of personnel when they encroach the danger zone around a forklift. It can also be used for collision prevention between forklifts or - in a stationary version – for monitoring danger zones such as intersections with a high level of internal traffic.

ELOKON has recently incorporated new product enhancements into ELOshield and the verification and stationary modules now benefit from a range of functionalities. The verification module at the entrance of a warehouse is now responsible for checking the functionality and battery power of the personal module. It is now also possible to connect the module directly to a client‘s own time recording systems and access authorisations. And the stationary module, which can be installed at doorways for example, is a particulary multi-talented device: it ensures that forklift travel is is regulated to the required speed when drivers enter the warehouse from outside, even if a driver neglects to do this. The new categorisation also stipulates which trucks are allowed to operate in which parts of the warehouse. Trucks that do not have the necessary authorisation therefore receive a warning and are brought to a halt if this is ignored. A speed adjustment can automatically be assigned to each truck when it transitions from one area to another.

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