MODEX 2022

ELOKON to showcase innovative MHE safety solutions at MODEX 2022
Visit Booth B1904 to explore forklift safety systems

Atlanta, GA, February 7, 2022 – ELOKON, a global supplier of safety systems for industrial vehicles, forklifts, AGVs and mobile robots, will be presenting new solutions on top of its award-winning product portfolio at MODEX 2022. With its office based in Atlanta, GA, ELOKON provides sensor-based warning, collision avoidance and fleet management systems which make the warehouse safer and more efficient.

Incorporating the latest sensor technologies used in the automotive sector, the company’s products include warehouse pedestrian detection systems, forklift collision avoidance systems, app-based forklift fleet management systems and web-based warehouse RTLS systems.

We are thrilled to be back in person and exhibiting at MODEX this year and to be able to share some exciting developments with visitors.

Andreas Folz, Senior Vice President Sales ELOKON

Three product solutions will be showcased at MODEX. ELOfleet, the App and Web-based fleet management system, ELOshield, the pedestrian and truck collision avoidance system, as well as ELOKON’s newest product innovation ELOcate. Plenty of new features and functionalities have been added, in particular to better cater also to the requirements of our US customers.

Having won a prestigious MHI Award for ELOshield in 2018, ELOKON is hoping that its latest product – to be officially launched at MODEX 2022 – will impress the judges this year too. It has submitted ELOcate RTLS as a contender in the Best New Innovation category. This system uses UWB-based indoor positioning technology, which, combined with ELOKON's IoT platform ELOcate Insights, enables real time location and tracking of personnel, forklifts and other equipment for significantly increased employee and site safety. Workflow and therefore productivity is optimized as is asset utilization, thanks to the system’s ability to digital mirror the physical facilities.


All ELOKON’s solutions can be installed or retrofitted on industrial trucks of any type, brand, age or drive type and are suitable for mixed fleets. Our team is really looking forward to welcoming you to booth B1904 to demonstrate how you can be safer and more productive in 2022 and beyond.

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