Cobotic Forum in Poland

Automation of companies with human-robot cooperation
Lecture by our machinery safety expert Marius Glowicki

ELOKON Poland is a partner of this year’s Cobotic Forum 19 (Forum Cobotyki) which is taking place on October 17 in Wrocław. Our machinery safety expert Mariusz Głowicki will be speaking at this event and will look at the possibilities and benefits of automating companies with human-robot collaboration and how they can benefit from this.

Also on the agenda at Poland’s largest forum on robots and collaborative applications are topics such as the role these play in Industry 4.0, and how they can optimise production and logistics processes and therefore increase competitiveness.

There will also be live demonstrations of practical applications, for example a mini production line with an cobot-equipped assembly station and a robot with a vision system for product quality control. It’ll be an interesting day! Register here.

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