Finalist at the UKMHA Archies

Combination of ELOshield and ELOprotect nominated
At the UKMHA Archies Award 2022

The Archie awards are known as the ‘Oscars’ of the materials handing sector and ELOKON is thrilled to have been named, in not just one award category but two, by the UKMHA (United Kingdom Materials Handling Association).  A 3-way collaboration between ELOKON, a global manufacturer of Materials handling equipment and a UK-based American online retailer, has resulted in the retailer being nominated as a finalist in the ‘Safe Site Award’ category. ELOKON’s ELOshield and ELOprotect products, have also been shortlisted in the ‘Ancillary Safety Award’ category.

Unique combination of laser and ultra-wideband

Significant materials handling challenges were overcome at the online retailer’s Distribution Centre, thanks to a safety system based on an innovative and unique combination of laser and ultra-wideband technology, which detects and monitors the presence of people, objects and industrial vehicles. To ensure safer operation across the site, ELOKON’s laser-based ELOprotect system was installed to offer collision protection for VNA trucks when working in the aisles, whilst the UWB-based ELOshield keeps pedestrians safe, when the trucks are operating 'free range', in other areas and in transfer aisles.

Proactive steps to keep co-workers safe

This unique combination of safety solutions, offers an extra layer of protection, both for the workforce and infrastructure, at the company’s 1,000,000 million sq foot Distribution Centre, in central England. Nomination by the UKMHA’s jury, is major recognition of the proactive steps taken by the company, to keep its co-workers safe and ELOKON is delighted to have featured in the submission, which highlights a number of significant contributions, to enhanced safety in the warehousing and intralogistics sector.


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