Customer Installation during Covid

Customer service in difficult times
Thanks due to employees and customers

In May 2020 confirmation finally came through that Technical Projects Manager Mario Dümer and Service Technician Thomas Weiszmann could be on their way to England to carry out product installations for customers based over there. This put an end to a long period of waiting and uncertainty as to whether the project could actually go ahead.

This was during a time when there were many rules, regulations and restrictions in force: most flights had been cancelled and some land borders were closed. ELOKON’s management therefore decided to monitor the situation together with the customers to see how the situation evolved.

Mr. Dümer and Mr. Weiszmann had agreed to embark on the potentially tricky journey to England whilst of course complying with the prevailing health and safety measures and social distancing requirements. In preparation for the trip, four apartments were booked in the various locations near customer sites and the service vehicles were packed – not only with the tools required for the job - but also with everything needed for the 6 to 12 weeks in England, including special medical and travel documents.

One of the accommodations in England

We really appreciate the willingness of our two employees to travel to England and stay there for this period of time to enable us to fulfil our commitments to our customers.

Dr. Volker Auerbach Managing Partner ELOKON GmbH

The two set off in their respective ELOKON vehicles, first to Holland, from where they took a ferry to England. After the required quarantine period they then began customer installations. In total, 63 ELOprotect narrow aisle personnel protection systems were installed, together with a demo version of the ELOshield driver assistance system, across five different customer sites.    

The work was carried out in compliance with strict hygiene measures: wearing a face mask was compulsory, and both employees wore additional face visors. Social distancing was also an important element of the safeguarding procedures.

In the evenings when the work was done Mario and Thomas enjoyed soaking up the peace and quiet of the English countryside. They have now both arrived back - in the best of health - in Germany and are pleased to have kept the customers happy.

A big thank you goes to our customers and everyone we worked with on this project, which was carried out very smoothly and successfully in spite of the unusual circumstances. At first it was quite a strange feeling to be working with face masks and visors, but we got used to this pretty quickly.

Mario Dümer, Technical Projects Manager at ELOKON GmbH

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