Process Safety

Process safety
Process safety assessment and choice of safety components

Process safety as we understand it at ELOKON means effective prevention of losses in the industry, combined with the utmost care for human life as well as the natural environment.

That is why correct and thorough risk identification, validation of engineering measures to reduce risk and clear definition of the acceptable residual risk levels are so important.

We conduct audits and assessment of industrial hazards at process systems.

How it works
Ensure the complete safety of your system and selection of components with experts from ELOKON

We ensure industrial process safety in all areas affected by hazards related to chemical, toxic and flammable substances or areas under high pressure or with the presence of cumulated energy.

We offer assistance in determining the required Safety Integrity Level (SIL). We provide support for industrial plants to achieve objectives related to safety and environmental protection.

We carry out comprehensive actions, including hazard identification, risk estimation, proposals for the implementation of risk-curbing measures, analysis of organizational solutions, etc.

Process risk assessment - proven methods used by ELOKON:


Preliminary Hazard Analysis


Hazard and Operability Studies


Failure Modes and Effects Analysis


Event Tree Analysis


Fault Tree Analysis


Layer of Protection Analysis

We implement safety projects in the following areas:

  • 1. Chemical, power and process systems
  • 2. Tanks, reactors and industrial furnaces
  • 3. Layers of protections
  • 4. Industrial-grade ventilation and dust removal systems
  • 5. Lockout-Tagout system
  • 6. Technical documentation

The benefits of ELOKON are obvious:

  • Solutions suited to your requirements: selection of the best risk assessment methodology
  • Reliability guarantee: certified functional safety experts
  • Professional approach: certified ISO 9001 Quality Management System
  • Extensive and wide ranging experience: integration of knowledge from different industry sectors

Need more information on process safety?

We will be pleased to provide you with further information on how ELOKON ensures safety.

Machinery safety - step by step

RISK assessment

Process safety - step 1

Identify all the hazards and learn how to minimize the risk.


Process safety - step 2

Prevent losses and improve personnel and process safety.

Functionnal safety

Process safety - step 3

Verify all the control systems for their correct functioning.

Technical support

Process safety - step 4

Devise your safety concept together with our experts.

Implementation for our company was completed exactly to schedule with great professionalism, attesting to extensive theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of industrial process safety.

Steffen Zimny CEO of STEICO Sp. z o.o.

More Information

Need more information on process safety?

We will be pleased to provide you with further information on how ELOKON ensures safety.

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