Machinery safety

Machinery safety
Safety audit, risk analysis and conformity assessment

Human life is invaluable. For over 25 years, therefore, we have been working to increase safety at industrial plants all over the world. We deliver complete solutions intended to ensure the safety of new, old, planned and operated machinery:

  • assessment of the machinery conformity with standards;
  • assessment of occupational risk;
  • adaptation of the machinery to meet minimum requirements;
  • implementation and technical inspection.

Our certificates

Do you want to know if your company meets the highest safety standards? Are you planning process innovations and need an expert opinion? Contact us.

How it works
Machine Directive, EC declaration of conformity & CE marking - you will meet the requirements with the help of ELOKON’s knowledge and expertise

We offer comprehensive services to increase machinery safety standards. You may order packaged solutions or opt only for those you consider particularly important.

Passing each stage will help you fully adapt the machinery to the legal requirements.

  • 1. Safety audit
  • 2. In-depth diagnosis: standards for machinery safety
  • 3. Proposal of measures to minimize risk
  • 4. Analysis and choice of solutions to increase engineering safety of machinery
  • 5. Design (mechanical, electric, hydraulic and pneumatic systems)
  • 6. Adaptation of the solutions and technical implementation
  • 7. Re-assessment and confirmation of conformity (EU Declaration of Conformity / ELOKON’s Certificate of Compliance)

More than just machinery safety - ELOKON's code of business conduct

We value neutrality and transparency in business - we do not offer components for automatic control systems, nor do we recommend any particular manufacturer. We provide you with solid and substantive support as well as with detailed guidelines. In this way you may decide yourself on the use of specific components during the implementation works.

The benefits of ELOKON are obvious:

  • Experienced team:
    more than 50 machinery safety engineers
  • Proven qualifications:
    membership of Technical Committees
  • Professional approach:
    a certified ISO 9001 Quality Management System
  • Continuous cooperation with national authorities: the National Labor Inspectorates, universities
  • Publications in machinery mainstream safety journals
  • Knowledge sharing: seminars, conferences and training courses for industry

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Machinery safety - step by step

RISK assessment

Engineering safety of machinery - step 1:

We will analyze the operational method, design and performance of the machinery.

CUSTOMIZED solutions

Engineering safety of machinery - step 2:

We will develop corrective actions suited to your business.

RISK reduction

Engineering safety of machinery - step 3:

We will devise a method to eliminate errors and to minimize risk.

Machinery upgrade

Engineering safety of machinery - step 4:

We will implement comprehensive solutions under the supervision of experts with many years of practical experience.

Checks, measurements and special assessments

Engineering safety of machinery - step 5:

We will be at your disposal whenever the need for reliable measurements arises

Technical support

Engineering safety of machinery - step 6:

You can rely on expert consultancy and professional technical studies

The ELOKON brand guarantees success in all aspects of machinery safety. ELOKON is a byword for high quality performance, reliability and professionalism.

Ryszard Muzyczka East European Regional Director of KIRCHHOFF Automotive

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Need more information on machinery safety?

We will be pleased to provide you with further information on how ELOKON ensures safety.

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