Explosion safety (ATEX)

Explosion safety (ATEX)
Explosion risk assessment and reduction, and measurements of hazardous substance concentration

ELOKON makes sure that employees of industrial companies and plants are fully protected against explosion. Identification of ignition sources, explosion hazard area zoning and the right choice of safety measures are the necessary actions intended to protect human life and to prevent losses.

The ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU (Atmosphères Explosibles) valid as of April 2016 specifies the basic requirements for products intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

How it works
Identify the hazards and apply relevant risk reduction measures with ELOKON

We perform comprehensive tasks related to risk reduction at plants with a likelihood of explosive atmosphere formation. For example, you may order the following services: explosion safety audit; explosion risk assessment; developing the explosion protection document etc. - for both existing and new process systems.

At ELOKON, we define the reach and type of Ex-zones, we specify the emission sources and potential ignition sources and we estimate the risk and determine its acceptability.

ELOKON’s engineers also organize training courses on issues such as: OH&S techniques in industry, explosion safety and ATEX directives.

Identification of ignition sources for potentially explosive atmospheres

  • 1. Explosion safety (ATEX) audit
  • 2. Explosion hazard assessment
  • 3. Ex-zone classification
  • 4. Explosion protection document
  • 5. Choice of components for Ex-zones
  • 6. Adaptation of machinery and systems for operation in Ex-zones
  • 7. Training (explosion safety, explosion risk assessment, ATEX Directives)

The benefits of ELOKON are obvious:

  • Availability and flexibility: large team of engineers and timely implementation of large projects.
  • Knowledge integration: many years of practical experience in different industry sectors.
  • Highest standards: a Quality Management System confirmed with ISO 9001 certificate
  • Track record of expertise: an extensive knowledge base of technical standards

Need more information on explosion safety (ATEX)?

We will be pleased to provide you with further information on how ELOKON ensures safety.

Explosion safety (ATEX) - step by step

Explosion hazard assessment

Explosion safety (ATEX) - step 1

The explosion safety (ATEX) audit will enable you to precisely identify the hazards


Explosion safety (ATEX) - step 2

You will learn about the measures to increase safety.

Functionnal safety

Explosion safety (ATEX) - step 3

Verification of the correct functioning of control systems.

Technical support

Explosion safety (ATEX) - step 4

At each stage you will receive full support from our experts

The ELOKON brand guarantees success in all aspects of machinery safety. ELOKON is a byword for high quality performance, reliability and professionalism.

Ryszard Muzyczka East European Regional Director of KIRCHHOFF Automotive

More Information

Need more information on explosion safety (ATEX)?

We will be pleased to provide you with further information on how ELOKON ensures safety.

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