Machinery & Processes

Solutions for machinery and process safety
Safety audits, machinery and system upgrades, confirmation of conformity

Machinery and process safety is fundamental to any responsible business. Estimates suggest that over 70% of work accidents are related to the operation of machinery. Personal injuries, damage to property or machinery seriously disrupt business, and restoring machinery to its original state may be impossible or may entail considerable costs. ELOKON's mission is to prevent losses and to safeguard human life as well as the natural environment. We choose the best solutions based on 25 years of experience, thus guaranteeing the safety of the workforce whilst at the same time maintaining production output.

Our certificates

ELOKON carries out machinery safety audits. We also carefully select the best safety devices, and we design and implement physical safety measures. On top of that we offer machinery safety training.

Why choose ELOKON as your partner?

Experts with a sound knowledge of engineering

You will benefit from the knowledge and experience of experts in many fields, e.g. automatic control system engineers, mechatronics engineers, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers as well as experts in OH&S and fire protection.

Over 30 years of experience in diverse projects

We have conducted audits and performed advanced design and implementation works all over Europe and also in the USA, Brazil, South Korea and China.

In-depth knowledge of the current guidelines

We will thoroughly analyze the situation in your company for compliance with standards such as legal regulations for machinery, EU/EC Declaration of Conformity etc.

Comprehensive analytical, design and technical support

Assessment of the condition of the machinery, bringing the machinery into compliance with minimum requirements or choice of safety devices - these are just some of the measures to increase safety.

Accident insurance

We hold an insurance policy for 4 million GBP/5 million USD. The insurance covers accidents at work premises or caused by the work we perform at other sites.

Product neutrality and objective consultancy services, without targeting components from specific manufacturers

We do not offer components from specific manufacturers, nor do we cooperate with OEMs. We will propose solutions best fitted to your company.

More Information

Ensure machinery and process safety with ELOKON

Make use of proven solutions to increase safety of the machinery, processes and industrial systems. We will help you create and run safe process systems regardless of their complexity.

We happily share our knowledge during seminars and internal training courses. We actively support the design, upgrades and use of machinery and industrial systems. If you are interested in importing machinery from outside the EU area, we will advise of aspects requiring special consideration.