ELOback - Rear Warning System

ELOback improves safety in the warehouse
using rear-facing ultrasound sensors

ELOback is a self-actuating reverse warning system which protects vehicles from colliding with other objects when maneuvering backwards.

Forklift truck movements pose a number of risks in the warehouse, even under the most favourable working conditions, and the limited visibility to the rear of the truck makes this area particularly vulnerable to accidents. The driver assistance system ELOback is an effective means to remove the risks associated with these weak spots. It uses ultrasound- controlled sensors to automatically detect the presence of objects in their operational range. Drivers are then alerted to potential danger via visual and acoustic warnings on a user-friendly display.

Multifunctional object recognition

The ultrasound sensor, specially developed for ELOback, reliably recognises mobile as well as static objects, regardless of their physical properties. The system features a long-range detection zone of approximately 3.5 metres and thanks to the additional close-range detection angle of 120 degrees, it also registers any object or obstacle within a 1.5m radius. Both of these zones can be calibrated independently from each other.

Extending the detection zone

In order to be able to extend the detection zone when particularly wide vehicles are in operation, ELOback is also available as a Syncro-Set. This involves fitting a second synchro-switched ultrasound sensor to the truck, which broadens the lateral detection field to up to 4 metres.

ELOback: The Advantages

  • Compatible with all commercially available forklift models
  • Clear driver display for visual & acoustic warning signals
  • Easy installation – just two components
  • Effective protection against collisions
  • Weather resistant for indoor and outdoor operation
  • Optional second sensor to extend the field of detection (detection width)
  • Possibility of speed reduction intervention

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How it works

When the truck is travelling forwards, ELOback is in standby mode and it is automatically activated when reverse gear is engaged. The system features a user-friendly display which informs the driver of the current detection status, with a traffic light function indicating the specific circumstances.

As soon as ELOback detects an obstacle in the long-range detection field, it sends a visual warning (yellow) to the driver. As an option, the system can simultaneously reduce the truck‘s speed when it is reversing (creep speed). If the object is detected in the close-range detection field, the driver display switches to red and emits an acoustic warning signal. If there is an acute risk of a collision, the truck can optionally be braked to a standstill.

By pressing and holding the release button, the vehicle can be unlocked if the alarm continues to sound. This allows the driver to carry on driving in a critical situation.

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