ELOassist prevents collisions in VNA

ELOassist prevents collisions
between vehicles and objects in very narrow aisles

The ELOassist Mobile Warning System is an automatic, self-activating device designed to help prevent collisions in very narrow aisles (VNA).

In order to make optimum use of the available space, the distance between the trucks/loads and the racking in narrow aisle systems is extremely tight. When the driver’s cab is raised, detecting objects in the aisle in good time thus becomes a particular challenge. ELOassist helps to effectively prevent collisions between forklifts and objects. If the laser-based system detects an obstacle in its warning zone, which can be up to eight meters long, it automatically triggers an acoustic warning signal and optionally reduces the speed of the vehicle.

Modern laser technology

ELOassist is designed for use in very narrow aisles. For object detection, it is equipped with modern laser technology on the load and/or drive side. The evaluation electronics installed in the engine compartment record the information from the sensors and pass it on to the display and operating module in the operator's platform.

The Benefits of ELOassist: are obvious:

  • Cost-effective assistance and warning system
  • Compatible with all common forklift models
  • Effective support to avoid collisions with objects
  • Simple assembly thanks to fewer components
  • Automatic detection of direction of travel and activation of the resepctive sensor
  • Avoidance of false alarms otuside the narrow aisles

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How ELOassist works

The ELOassist assistance and warning system has up to two laser scanners. When the vehicle is in motion, the sensor in the direction of travel is active. This significantly reduces the risk of an unnoticed approach to objects.

To avoid a false alarm, ELOassist is deactivated outside the narrow aisle. The intelligent system only switches on automatically when the vehicle enters the aisle. As soon as the laser detects an obstacle in the warning zone, ELOassist triggers an acoustic warning signal and automatically slows the truck down.

Once the area is clear again, the system cancels the throttling and work can continue. If the forklift leaves the aisle, ELOassist switches off again automatically.

More information

Want to learn more about ELOassist?

We would be happy to send you more information about our mobile assistance system.

Product Brochure

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