ELOKON Group. A Safe Success.

Lead with safety

ELOKON develops and implements innovative safety and assistance systems for the intralogistics sector in line with the technological advancements of Industry 4.0. Over 3,000 customers around the world benefit from our solutions which improve workplace safety and increase MHE productivity. ELOKON is also one of the leading companies in the field of machinery safety and advises multinational corporations and SMEs on machinery safety issues.

years of experience

Employees worldwide
Customers in over 40 countries
Awards for excellent solutions

30 years of expertise

Established in 1986, our name has become synonymous with long standing customer relationships and partnerships. As a private, equity financed company, we are akin to many other success stories in the German logistics industry. We focus on long term sustainability, but also on year on year profitability.

International, national, local

Our customer base comprises large international corporations as well as small and medium sized companies. Whether they are from home or abroad, they have all put their trust in ELOKON for decades to ensure the safe and smooth running of their operations.

ELOKON – we make the difference

Our team of over 130 motivated and highly qualified employees is the bedrock of our business and enables us to deliver the leading innovations that our customers expect. ELOKON continues to invest in emerging trends: solutions for Industry 4.0, in RFID based technology for personal protection systems, and uses the latest products emanating from the sensor, control and drive engineering sectors for enhanced machinery safety. Our workforce is diverse, passionate and internationally connected.

Our certifications and associations

Zertifizierungen und Verbände

Focusing on digitisation and Industry 4.0

Vehicles are becoming increasingly digitised and continue to be equipped with a variety of innovative assistance systems as a precursor to autonomous driving. But it is not only on the roads that this technology is ever more prevalent: in the logistics arena forklift trucks are benefitting from more and more digital „guardian angels“ which are making their operation much safer for both the workforce and equipment.

This is the basis for ELOKON’s product range, which hinges on an intelligent interplay of hardware, software, sensor and radio based technologies.

Our products preemptively recognise dangerous situations and semi-autonomously intervene, to slow down a forklift for example, thereby preventing accidents.

Using innovative Lidar or RFID technology, the trucks recognise the presence of pedestrians in the vicinity. Trucks communicate with each other by radio – known in the automotive sector as „car -to-car“ or they communicate via sensors with the infrastructure – known as „car-to-X“, to ascertain their position in relation to pedestrians or other trucks in real time.

Our values

Our values are part of our DNA. They guide the way we work with our customers, business partners, within our communities and with each other.

Through customer focus, professional development, sustainability, open mindedness, job enrichment and integrity, we strive to create a vibrant company culture where ideas can blossom, people can thrive and success can flourish. Our values connect us with our customers and business partners.

Customer Focus

Our thoughts and actions are focussed on customer benefits. We offer solutions, services and innovations with outstanding benefits and a fast ROI for our customers' requirements. We create a positive culture that is oriented to customer requirements. ELOKON customers appreciate the wealth of experience of the company and the long-lasting business relationships.

Professional Employee Development

The professional development of our employees and their capabilities, motivating them and encouraging talent are a part of our responsibility. We strive to build powerful teams that will increase the performance capability of our company. The safety of our employees is the company's top priority.

We give our employees operational responsibility, and expect them to use their talent in the best possible way and develop themselves. The basis of collaboration between our employees consists of mutual respect and trust.


Our private, equity financed company stands for financial stability, profitable growth and responsible actions. Long-term profitable relationships with our customers and business partners are more important to us than short term profitability. Our goal is solid growth – we are careful about taking risks. With regard to our employees, sustainability means that they should be able to develop themselves at ELOKON during their entire professional careers, both personally and professionally.

Open Mindedness: "Better is the Enemy of Good"

In order to recognise what is better, we require openness – both within the company and in relationship to our external partners and customers. Many of our most innovative and successful products are the direct result of collaboration with customers and technology partners that have been characterised by openness. However, openness within our company is also a source of change and progress. It pays to ask about everyday routines, share knowledge and try out new, creative approaches.

Work & Enjoy

ELOKON provides its employees with a working environment with freedom and value appreciation. Target-oriented working and enjoying work are not contradictory: The combination of the two is the breeding ground for our success. Yes, we want our employees to enjoy thinking about ELOKON tasks outside working hours. In return, we give them work to do which will allow them to exploit their personal potential, and give them the necessary freedom to implement their ideas and their duties.


Our employees are encouraged to be aware of the rules and regulations at their respective deployment location and adhere to them. We respect the culture of our partners and the characteristics of their markets, and adapt ourselves to them. However, integrity goes far beyond this: It is about doing what is right in the correct manner – both as an individual and as a company.

We think and act together – beyond national and site boundaries