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ELOKON is an innovative employer which offers the opportunity for younger as well as experienced people to put their skills and qualifications to best use. At the very heart of Industry 4.0, ELOKON develops, sells and installs products for the intralogistics sector and is there to support you in reaching your potential: whether you are looking to launch your professional career, to combine practical vocational training with studies or to further your professional development. Flexible working arrangements and family-friendly initiatives complete the package for ELOKON employees.   

ELOKON as an employer

We see our relationship with our employees as a long term partnership, one where mutual trust and sustainability is written large. A top priority is team work, where members support each other and cooperate to achieve common goals. Key to this are open lines of communication and flat hierarchies.

ELOKON Benefits? Sure thing. A safe success.

  • Flexible working hours
  • Work with prestigious international customers
  • Family-friendly working arrangements
  • Convenient public transport links (regional trains, buses)
  • A vibrant, motivated team
  • Flat hierarchies / quick decision making processes
  • Company pension scheme
  • Employee events

Joining ELOKON

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Employee profiles

Be it as a trainee, a service engineer or a project manager – ELOKON employees’ working days are diverse and filled with varied and interesting tasks. Here our employees share details of their day to day work responsibilities, giving you an interesting insight into life at ELOKON.

My way to ELOKON

Over the years I have held various positions in technical sales. This has given me a good insight and appreciation of the importance of solution-oriented customer support and ongoing consultation.

My previous role was as a project engineer in the intralogistic sector, specialising in automation and digitisation for a forklift truck dealership. This is where I had my first interaction with ELOKON through a number of joint projects. Due to these very positive experiences, the possibility of being more intensively involved in the field of assistance systems and looking after a nationwide network of customers meant that I was very happy to take up the opportunity to work for ELOKON.

My area

As Key Account Manager for the assistance system ELOshield I look after a wide range of customers from pretty much all industry sectors in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. As well as the contact with end customers I have regular dealings with forklift suppliers and dealerships. My aim? To enable customers to enhance safety with solution-based advice which is tailored to their own specific application.

What I particularly like about working at ELOKON

Due to the fact that we work with very differing types of customers and requirements, no day is ever exactly the same and even small challenges are very motivating. I particularly enjoy the team solidarity, whether it‘s in the sales department or at ELOKON in general. I appreciate the short decision making paths and the trust that is placed in me. There are clear goals, but it is up to us to  choose how to achieve these. As well as the day-to-day business, we also have the opportunity to be involved in strategic decisions and implement our own ideas.

My personal highlight at ELOKON

The really warm welcome into the team. Everyone had a smile and a motivational greeting for me. And if I ever have questions or requests, these are met with answers and support.

My way to ELOKON

It all began after school with my training to become a motor vehicle mechatronics technician. After completing my training, I moved to the field of Material Handling Equipment. I was particularly interested in the technical diversity of the MHE sector and the interaction of electrics, mechanics and hydraulics.

A little over two years later I changed to another company which specializes in industrial furnaces. However, after completing my studies it was clear to me that I would like to go back to the field of MHE. Why? This sector offers a tremendously diverse range of opportunities: new technologies and work in an area that is constantly moving with the times really fascinates me.

I arrived here at ELOKON through a good friend who is associated with the company. He told me that the ELOKON technicians are a really happy bunch of people and are also very skilled at their jobs. After some research, I sent ELOKON my application and was invited to a personal meeting.

My area

When I took up the position of technical project manager it brought with it a host of new responsibilities and challenges. These include visiting customers in a sales capacity and following up with project development based on the customers‘ requirements. I enjoy the contrast of conducting formal sales meetings with the directors of a large company and then changing out of the suit into my work clothes to go and do a service call to sort out a problem at a customer site. At a new location like the one here in Atlanta I have to make sure that structures and processes are introduced to enable the smooth running of day-to-day business. Working on these new tasks brings everyone closer together as a team.

What I particularly like about working at ELOKON

I particularly enjoy the interaction with our customers and the fact that my tasks vary on a daily basis. It's great to be part of the USA team as this allows me to work closely with all departments and offers me a completely different perspective on many aspects of the job.

My personal highlight at ELOKON

This would of course have to be my move to Atlanta which coincided with the set-up of ELOKON Inc. in America. This represents not just a personal challenge for me but for the company as a whole. I said goodbye to a lot of colleagues in Germany, but every time I go back I realise that I’m still part of the team at ELOKON GmbH.

My way to ELOKON

After my A Level graduation in 2011, I briefly started a course in the field of public administration. But I soon realized that this corresponded neither to my expectations nor my strengths. So I was soon on the lookout for an alternative, which I eventually found in the wide-ranging and interesting vocational training at ELOKON.


My area

Whether installation, service and maintenance - as a procurement manager in customer service I manage all the appointments of our sales representatives. Furthermore, I organize trips abroad and I support the staff of our main office.

What I particularly like about working at ELOKON

The work as a procurement manager in the service department brings many new challenges every day. Postponements, the current traffic conditions and the wishes of our customers are just a few issues that have a major influence on the daily schedules. But that's what I love about my job: no day is ever the same and I often need to come up with an appropriate solution as quickly as I can in order to offer the best possible support for our customers.

My personal highlight at ELOKON

Right from the start I was impressed with the confidence that ELOKON places in its employees. I was unusual in that I started my first academic year in the second term, but thanks to the great mentoring from my instructor I was able to shorten my training period by six months and could complete this within two years.

My way to ELOKON

From when I was a child I was interested in crafts and woodworking as my family members were carpenters. Later I studied mechatronics in Hamburg-Harburg. During an apprenticeship at a forklift truck company I learned about the job profile of a developer, which I found very interesting. When my supervisor there moved to ELOKON he got in touch to see if I was interested in this company. So this was the start of my career as a development engineer.

My area

As well as working on laser-based personnel protection systems I am also involved with assistance systems such as ELOshield. Together with a diverse team of engineers and technicians, I am part of the development department, where one of my tasks is to supervise new projects.

One particularly exciting topic at the moment is wearables in intralogistics, and my colleagues and I are working on innovations in this area.

What I particularly like about working at ELOKON

The diversity of my work is one of the things I love most. I can put all the various areas of mechatronics to good use as the solutions to be developed involve both electronics and software.  Designing 3D CAD models for the development of products and prototypes is also part of my job. These activities all make my job very varied and it’s never boring. In addition, I really like the interaction within the company, where everyone knows everyone else, which leads to a great team spirit. That's what I really appreciate about ELOKON.

My personal highlight at ELOKON

My first project at ELOKON was the development of a prototype for a trade fair. This was to modify one of our products into a wearable. I was tasked with a great deal of direct responsibility but this project also gave me a lot of developmental freedom. Together with my colleagues, I was able to test a wide variety of technologies and evaluate possibilities for integration. I enoyed it very much and it was a steep and worthwhile learning curve for us all.

But aside from work, there are a lot of other highlights at ELOKON. The bi-annual team events involve all the company's employees, and a wide variety of activities are organised. These are always entertaining and a lot of fun and create an unbelievably relaxed atmosphere amongst the colleagues.


My way to ELOKON

To do something worthwhile in my working life was a goal that became more and more apparent to me whilst I was studying automotive engineering. I didn’t want a job purely to earn money, but also to be proud of what I was doing. So after I had completed my bachelor‘s degree I went to the Philippines to help children living the slums there. My first job was with a manufacturer of wind energy and I subsequently worked for a company in the field of passive safety in the automotive sector. So you could say that since then my job has been to save lives, as the aim of passive safety is to minimise as far as possible any personal injuries in crash scenarios. ELOKON takes this one step further by trying to prevent injuries of any kind.

I am therefore proud to have worked at ELOKON since the beginning of 2020 and to be making a contribution to the ongoing enhancement of intralogistic safety.

My area

As a project manager I plan and coordinate product modifications and enhancements as well as new developments. I also support process optimisation and am currently working on a pilot project to expand our product range. In addition, I am looking at suitable tools which will enable us to simplify our processes, which will lead to heightened efficiency and quality.

What I particularly like about working at ELOKON

I love the fact that we work as a team and that we are all committed to going forward together. Everyone at ELOKON has the chance to be creative and to contribute new ideas. The working atmosphere is really positive with a high level of mutual respect.

My personal highlight at ELOKON

The trust that ELOKON has in me and the fact that the company values each and every employee as an individual and not just a number. If you have the right qualifications then you’ll be a good fit at ELOKON, where your own personal development is also considered to be very important.

ELOKON Insights

Wintermeeting 2019

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ELOKON's team meeting 2019

Interview with an engineer

Variety and enjoyment

Jacob Engels was interviewed about what his job as a development engineer entails and gives us an insight into his day-to-day work at ELOKON.


Jacob Engels as an engineer

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